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Collected date 17/12/04

Westerfield station sign

Westerfield station, East of Ipswich on the East Suffolk Line, is the junction with the line to Felixstowe. The Ipswich-bound platform 1 has behind it what looks like another railway building:

Westerfield platform 1

The other side of the mysterious building, which looks like it is now a private house whatever its former use:

Westerfield old station

The building by the station itself -- the old station master's house perhaps? -- from the other side of the line:

Westerfield building

Views of the level crossing from along the platforms:

Westerfield, looking at the level
crossing from platform 1 Westerfield level crossing from
platform 2

The level crossing and the ramp up to platform 2:

Westerfield level crossing

The bus-style shelter on platform 2:

Westerfield platform 2