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Collected date 21/08/04

Felixstowe station sign

Felixstowe was once Felixstowe Town station, but now just Felixstowe with the closure of the Beach and Pier stations. In its heyday the station saw up to twenty services an hour but now that's down to one, so the original station building is hardly necessary. It's been preserved, though, and found new life as Great Eastern Square shopping centre, while the operational station uses the end of one of the original platforms.

Looking back along the branch from behind the buffers:

Felixstowe track

The other platform face can still be made out:

Felixstowe station edge

From the original Felixstowe Town building, we look across what is now the carpark to today's terminus:

Felixstowe car park

One of the old platforms is used for a market:

Felixstowe market

Finally, the superbly restored Felixstowe Town station building from the front and rear:

Felixstowe Town front Felixstowe Town front Felixstowe Town rear