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Collected date 03/07/04

A lot of my journeys in East Anglia involve Ipswich, because it provides an alternative route back to Cambridge to going via Norwich. It's also the furthest South you can travel on the Norwich main line on an Anglia Plus ranger ticket. (Quick advert for One here: the £9 day ticket lets you wander around Norfolk and Suffolk at your leisure and is fantastic value.)

Ipswich Station front

The BR sign sticks out on the front of the station building:

BR Sign on Ipswich Station

The footbridge has windows, so this picture looking South towards the tunnel mouth is unfortunately rather blurry:

Ipswich tunnel from the

Platform 1 is a bay platform (not pictured here) for trains from Lowestoft. Platform 2:

Ipswich Platform 2

Platforms 3 and 4 are on the island, accessed over the footbridge:

Ipswich Platform 3 Ipswich Platform 4

Looking North along the line, with the footbridge in view:

Ipswich looking North

The secret of East Anglian electrification is revealed:

Ipswich Station Electrification