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Collected date 23/05/06

Teignmouth sign

The iron cresting on the roof at Teignmouth is reminiscent of that at Truro, and typical of GWR stations of the period:

Teignmouth front

A retaining wall runs along the side of platform 1:

Teignmouth wall

The side of Teignmouth station building:

Teignmouth side

The footbridge is at the north end of the station, and has stairs leading from the front of the station. However, the way is now barred by an iron gate:

Teignmouth footbridge

Looking north along platform 1:

Teignmouth platform 1

The station complex seen looking north from the road bridge"/>

Teignmouth looking north

Looking south away from the station:

Teignmouth looking south

Alongside the line between Teignmouth and Dawlish is this large sign, which looks as if it has recently been repainted:

Teignmouth lineside sign