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Collected date 22/05/05

Truro sign

Our first day's travelling in Cornwall brought us to Truro, which is the junction for the Falmouth Docks branch.

The station building has two squat turrets at either end, and a modern booking office has been added to the eastern end:

Truro with two turrets Truro front Truro building west

Each of the roof turrets bears the GWR monogram in the ironwork:

Truro roof detail

The Great Western main line runs through platforms 2 and 3. Platform 2:

Truro platform 2

Platform 3:

Truro platform 3

Platform 3 has a couple of picnic tables under the canopy:

Truro picnic tables

An unusual wooden shelter under the canopy on platform 3:

Truro shelter

The space to the north of platform 3 is now a car park but was clearly once another platform, as can be seen from the edging stones:

Truro old platform

Platform 1 is the platform for the branch to Falmouth, next to platform 2 at the west end of the station. The small hut on the platform contains the one-train staff instrument, which releases the train staff for the single-track branch:

Truro platform 1

The station has two footbridges, one at either end of the station. However, when we visited the bridge at the western end of the station was closed for repairs. Looking east from platform 3 at the other bridge:

Truro eastern bridge

The level crossing and signal box are at the eastern end of the station:

Truro level crossing and signal box

At the far western end of the station, a long bridge crosses the platforms and track:

Truro long bridge

Three generations of bench-end ironwork at Truro station, first two incarnations of the GWR and then British Rail Western Region:

Truro GWR bench - oldest Truro GWR bench - newer Truro British Railways (Western)

The station clock and its supporting ironwork under platform 2's canopy:

Truro clock