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New Milton

Collected date 21/05/07

New Milton sign

In 1886 the London and South Western Railway built a direct line between Christchurch and Brockenhurst, with stations at Hinton Admiral, New Milton, and Sway. All three stations were built to almost exactly the same plan, still discernable today even though modern alterations now differentiate the three.

The station house and ticket office at New Milton:

New Milton buildings

The station house with the year 1886 visible above the doorway:

New Milton house

The footbridge links the platforms at the eastern end of the station buildings:

New Milton footbridge end

Looking west from near the footbridge along platform 1. If there were any doubt about the identikit nature of the station buildings here and at Hinton Admiral and Sway, the arrangement of the windows is another clue:

New Milton platform 1 looking west

Looking the other way along platform 1 from under the footbridge:

New Milton platform 1 looking east

The canopy on platform 1:

New Milton platform 1 canopy

Up on to the footbridge for a view of platform 1:

New Milton platform 1

From the footbridge, looking east. Almost every South West Trains station we visited had good bicycle parking facilities like the one on the right:

New Milton from footbridge,
looking east

Looking west along the line:

New Milton from footbridge,
looking west

Platform 2 is just a wooden shelter and canopy, seen here from platform 1:

New Milton platform 2 from
platform 1

Looking west on platform 2:

New Milton platform 2

The car park and rear entrance to platform 2:

New Milton rear

The station area seen from the road bridge at the east of the station:

New Milton from bridge

Looking west along the line on platform 1:

New Milton looking west