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Collected date 21/05/07

Sway sign

Sway is the easternmost of the three intermediate stations on the direct line between Christchurch and Brockenhurst, and barring a modern extension, the station buildings are much the same as at the other two. The station approach:

Sway approach

The house at Sway, which along with its modern extension makes up two flats:

Sway station house

Once again, the windows on the platform side of the house, are in a distinctive pattern:

Sway station windows

Under the canopy on platform 1:

Sway under canopy

Platform 1 and the station building rear seen from platform 2:

Sway platform 1 from platform 2

A boat serves as a planter at the western end of platform 1:

Sway platform 1 boat

From the eastern end of Sway station, looking west at the footbridge, which is of the same design as the one at Hinton Admiral:

Sway platform 1 looking west

From the footbridge, looking west:

Sway from footbridge, looking west

Looking east from the footbridge:

Sway from footbridge, looking east

The platform shelters at Sway:

Sway platforms

The rear entrance to platform 2 at Sway:

Sway rear

Looking west along the line:

Sway, looking west

Sway, looking east at a road bridge:

Sway, looking east

The station seen from the road bridge:

Sway from bridge