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Collected date 14/05/08

Melksham station sign

Melksham station is the only station on a branch line between Chippenham and Trowbridge, which probably partly explains its poor service. Well, the authors of this petition we found at the station thought the service was poor, anyway:

Melksham petition

The station's one platform is just north of a road bridge, which gives a good overview of a length of disused platform and the current operational platform:

Melksham platform seen from
the road bridge Melksham from road bridge

The road approach to the station, just to the east of the tyre supplier in the previous photos:

Melksham approach

To the left of the entrance to the platform is a sheltered cycle rack:

Melksham cycle rack

On the platform with two cycle lockers and a draughty shelter:

Melksham shelter

Looking south towards the road bridge from the working portion of the platform:

Melksham looking south

From the tyre supplier's car park one can still see steps which used to lead down from the road to the platform:

Melksham old steps

Looking north along the line from the platform:

Melksham looking north

Looking back south along the line from the road bridge:

Melksham looking south from
road bridge