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Collected date 21/02/15

Manningtree sign

Manningtree is on the Great Eastern Main Line between Norwich and London Liverpool Street, and is the junction for the branch to Harwich Town, which is how I came to be there.

The line crosses the A137 just to the east of the station with an arrangement similar to that at where low vehicles can go under a bridge next to the level crossing:

Manningtree level crossing

On the other side of the level crossing looking south towards the station approach road:

Manningtree level crossing looking south

Looking east from the level crossing towards the junction where the line branches, with Harwich off to the right and Ipswich to the left:

Manningtree looking east

The station platforms are also visible from the level crossing, of course:

Manningtree from level crossing

Walking to the front of the station I was presented with a slight problem in photographing it, as a coach was parked in front of it! So here are two long views of the station front:

Manningtree front, west end Manningtree front, east end

Opposite the station front at its west end is this building:

Manningtree other building

Inside the ticket office, which leads on to platform 2:

Manningtree ticket office

On platform 2 under the canopy, looking west:

Manningtree platform 2
under the canopy

At the eastern end of the station is the station buffet:

Manningtree buffet doors

Two of the windows on the platform 2 side of the building are frosted with labels:

Manningtree General Waiting Room Manningtree Ladies Waiting Room

The line to Harwich Town is known as the Mayflower Line, so there is a small notice marking 150 years of this line in 2004:

Manningtree Mayflower Line poster

At the western end of the building on platform 2 looking east at the end of the canopy:

Manningtree platform 2 canopy

A second building, to the left here, sits on platform 2 just west of the main one:

Manningtree platform 2 looking west

Beyond the building is some bike parking and an old gradient marker:

Manningtree bike parking and gradient marker

At the western end of platform 2, looking west along the line:

Manningtree looking west

To the east of the station building is a bay platform, platform 1, on the left here:

Manningtree platform 1 buffers

Looking east along platform 1:

Manningtree platform 1 looking east

A subway links the island platform 3 to platforms 1 and 2, but it was out of use when I visited so I couldn't get across to platform 3. On the right here is the subway entrance on the platform 1/2 side, and on the left is its counterpart on platform 3:

Manningtree subway between platforms 2 and 3

Behind the steps on platforms 1 and 2 is a small shelter:

Manningtree platforms 1 and 2 shelter

Looking east from this point, with platform 3 on the left:

Manningtree platforms 2 and 3 looking east

Looking westwards at the sadly inaccessible platform 3:

Manningtree platform 3 looking west

The building on platform 3:

Manningtree platform 3 building

The side of the building on platform 3:

Manningtree platform 3 building side