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Coombe Junction

Collected date 24/05/05

The railway can't decide what to call Coombe Junction. Its original name was Coombe Junction, later Coombe Halt and now, in theory, just Coombe. But the station sign still says Coombe Junction, and National Rail thinks it's either Coombe or Coombe Halt depending on which part of the site you ask. I've gone for Coombe Junction because I think the idea of a small junction station in the middle of nowhere is rather romantic.

Coombe Junction sign

Compared with the other stations on the line between Liskeard and Looe, Coombe is rather shabby. This could be because most trains don't stop at the station itself but instead just short of the eponymous junction slightly to the south of the station. The station shelter is a basic shed-like affair, reminiscent of that at Brundall Gardens:

Coombe Junction shelter

Looking north from the platform, where the line continues for freight only to Moorswater:

Coombe Junction looking north

Looking south. In the distance is the junction itself, a ground frame worked by the train guard to allow trains coming from Liskeard to reverse and continue on to Looe:

Coombe Junction looking south

The station from the road bridge just to the north:

Coombe Junction station

In the bottom left of the previous photo is Coombe's second ground frame. This one seems just to control the catch points for the freight line:

Coombe No 2 G.F.