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Brundall Gardens

Collected date 10/07/04

Brundall has two stations, one at each end of the village. The other is Brundall. When I took the train from Brundall Gardens back to Norwich I was the only person on the station. It was a very eerie feeling, matched only by the feeling of privilege when a train stopped "just for me".

Sign pointing to both Brundall

The station sign peeps out of the shrubbery:

Brundall Gardens sign

Platform 1 has a modern shelter in Anglia Railways green, but Platform 2 has a much more characterful waiting room.

Brundall Gardens Platform 1 Brundall Gardens Platform 2

The shed may look tatty but it's much less of a greenhouse in the heat than its modern equivalent opposite!

Brundall Gardens Shed

Platform 2 and the footbridge:

Brundall Gardens footbridge

Looking from the footbridge, first West to Norwich and then East towards Brundall.

From the footbridge, looking
West From the footbridge, looking