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Canning Town

Collected date 01/04/06

Canning Town is on the stretch of the North London Line between Stratford and North Woolwich that was closed in late 2006, although it was still open when these pictures were taken. The bus station at Canning Town provides an entrance to the station:

Canning Town bus station

Looking up the escalators which join the bus station to the rail station:

Canning Town escalators

The station concourse:

Canning Town concourse

Stairs lead from the concourse to the platforms (1 and 2) for the North London Line:

Canning Town NLL
platform entrance

Looking east along platforms 1 and 2:

Canning Town platforms 1 and 2
looking east

The westbound NLL platform 1, for trains to Richmond, with the Jubilee line platform 3 on the right and above it the Docklands Light Railway platforms:

Canning Town platforms 1 and 3

Platforms 1 and 2, with the tube and DLR platforms on the left:

Canning Town platforms 1-3

Looking west along platforms 1 and 2 with the bus station visible on the right:

Canning Town platforms 1 and 2
looking west

Looking east along the line:

Canning Town looking east

Looking west:

Canning Town looking west