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Collected date 16/05/08

Caldicot sign

Caldicot is about a mile to the west of Severn Tunnel Junction. The path from there runs across the flat land beside the Severn estuary and arrives at Caldicot under a low bridge:

Caldicot approach

The bridge also provides access between the platforms. Looking east along the platforms:

Caldicot platforms looking east

Looking west:

Caldicot platforms looking west

There is a shelter on Platform 1:

Caldicot Platform 1 shelter

And a similar one on Platform 2:

Caldicot Platform 2 shelter

Caldicot is 148 miles from Paddington (via Stroud):

Caldicot milepost

The entrance to Platform 2:

Caldicot Platform 2 entrance

Looking west towards Severn Tunnel Junction. The start of the down relief line is visible, as is the overbridge Severn Tunnel Junction station:

Looking west from Caldicot

Looking east towards Chepstow:

Looking east from Caldicot