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Collected date 16/05/08

Chepstow sign

Chepstow is a small station on the line between Gloucester and Newport. It was the last station of the day for us and we had a lengthy wait...

The front of the station building; sadly the cafe mentioned above the doorway was closed.

Chepstow front

The old building being used for other purposes, a smaller brick-and-wood structure exists next to it:

Chepstow new building

Under the canopy of the modern building:

Chepstow platform 2

The rear of the station building, seen from the opposite platform:

Chepstow building rear

A view from platform 2 of the footbridge which connects the two platforms:

Chepstow footbridge

Looking south along the line from the footbridge:

Chepstow from footbridge looking

The footbridge, seen from platform 1:

Chepstow footbridge

The entrance to the footbridge from platform 1:

Chepstow platform 1 footbridge

A disused platform edge on the island platform:

Chepstow disused platform

Looking north along the line towards Lydney from the end of platform 2:

Chepstow looking north

Looking south along the line:

Chepstow looking south