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Railway Technical Info - Africa

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[CI][BF]Abidjan - Ouagadougoumetren/a?none 
[DJ][ET]Djibouti - Addis Ababametren/a?none 
[SN][ML]Dakar - Bamakometren/a?none 
[TZ][ZM]TAZARA3' 6" (1067mm)n/a?none 


This list presents summary information for the national "heavy rail" system in each country. Where there is no national system, or there are local systems, detailed information is provided via the links in the list.

[AO]Angola3' 6" (1067mm)n/a?noneno national system - data applies to most railways
[BW]Botswana3' 6" (1067mm)n/a?none 
[BF]Burkina Fasosee Abidjan - Ouagadougou
[CD]Congo (Democratic Republic)3' 6" (1067mm)n/a?none formerly Zaïre
[CG]Congo (People's Republic)3' 6" (1067mm)n/a?none 
[CI]Côte d'Ivoiresee Abidjan - Ouagadougou
[DJ]Djiboutisee Djibouti - Addis Ababa
[ET]Ethiopiasee Djibouti - Addis Ababa
[GH]Ghana3' 6" (1067mm)?none 
[GN]Guineano national system
[LR]Liberiano national system
[MW]Malawi3' 6" (1067mm)n/a?none 
[ML]Malisee Dakar - Bamako
[MA]MoroccostandardLH3000V DC overhead 
[MZ]Mozambique3' 6" (1067mm)n/a?none 
[NA]Namibia3' 6" (1067mm)n/a?none 
[NG]Nigeria3' 6" (1067mm)n/a?none 
[SN]Sénégalsee Dakar - Bamako
[ZA]South Africa3' 6" (1067mm)?25kV 50Hz AC / 3000V DC overhead 
[SS]South Sudan3' 6" (1067mm)n/a?none 
[SD]Sudan3' 6" (1067mm)n/a?none 
[SZ]Swaziland3' 6" (1067mm)n/a?none 
[TZ]Tanzaniametre / 3' 6"n/a?none 
[ZM]Zambia3' 6" (1067mm)n/a?none 
[ZW]Zimbabwe3' 6" (1067mm)n/a?none 


There are several international networks of connecting "heavy rail" systems with a common gauge.

northernstandard[DZ], [MA], [TN]
eastern metre [KE], [TZ], [UG]
southern3' 6" (1067mm)[BW], [CD] (Katangi system), [MW], [MZ], [NA], [SZ], [ZA], [ZM], [ZW], CF Benguela [AO], TAZARA [TZ, ZM]

Countries without railways

[CV]Cape Verde Islands 
[CF]Central African Republic 
[GQ]Equatorial Guinea 
[GW]Guinea Bissau 
[LS]Lesothoonly a short section of line, owned and operated by Transnet (South Africa)
[LY]Libyaprevious railways closed in 1965; new system under construction
[MU]MauritiusMauritius Government Railways closed in 1964
[RE]Réunionlast section of former railway closed 1976
[ST]São Tomé & Príncipe 
[SL]Sierra LeoneSierra Leone Government Railways closed
[SO]Somaliarailway closed
[EH]Western Sahara 

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