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This section of my website provides selected technical data for railway operators in a variety of countries, principally those in which I have travelled.

Information on this page is subject to the disclaimer.

The columns in the individual country lists are as follows:

Name or description of the system; systems with different technical standards run by the same operator will if possible be identified separately
This covers:
(1) the nominal track gauge: standard = 4' 8½" (1435mm), metre = 1000mm. Note that any Imperial (feet & inches) gauge stated may not exactly agree with the metric gauge stated.
(2) where relevant, any rack system in use.
This covers:
(1) the use of left- or right-hand running on double-track lines (known as "rule of the road"), shown as LH or RH; n/a implies the system is single throughout. Many heavy-rail systems now have some degree of bi-directional operation; if this is used so extensively that no preference is evident (common in North America), this is shown as "bi-di".
(2) where known, for tram systems and certain "light rail" systems, whether termini are constructed with turning circles or stub tracks (implying the use of vehicles designed for single- or double-ended driving respectively). Some systems use both terminus designs, indicated as "mixed".
Electrification system(s) used
Any other info




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