Thesis download page

"Pathways of Power in late-Carolingian Catalonia", Ph. D. thesis, University of London, 2005.

It took me much too long to accomplish what others do as a matter of course and get my Ph. D. digitized in a fixed format and put up for download, especially since I control my own webspace, but I eventually did it, and here it is.

I might take this opportunity to remind you that actual publication of this text, revised, improved, and with new material and better maps, is now published as Rulers and Ruled in Frontier Catalonia, 880-1010: pathways of power, Studies in History (London: Royal Historical Society 2010), and you can buy it either here or here or in your local high-end booksellers if you ask them for it. If you like these free PDFs, why not try the real thing?

The actual files

Here they be:

  1. Summary
  2. Prelims, Contents and Preface
  3. Introduction: Aims, Historiography and Method
  4. Chapter 1. Charters in Catalonia: the nature of the material and its problems
  5. Chapter 2. Vallfogona and the Vall de Sant Joan: a community in the grip of change
  6. Chapter 3. A Developing Lordship: the castle of Gurb and its term
  7. Chapter 4. Power with a Name: the rulers of the March
  8. Conclusions and Answers
  9. Bibliography
  10. Appendix. Sales, swindles and sanctions: Bishop Sal·la of Urgell and the counts of Catalonia. Paper presented in session 'Telling Laymen What To Do', International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, 21 July 2005.