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Oct 00—Sep 05

Birkbeck College, London


Ph.D. in the School of History, Classics & Archaeology


Thesis title ‘Pathways of Power in late-Carolingian Catalonia’; part-time years 1, 4 & 5. Doctorate awarded Mar 06, passed without corrections



Oct 98—Sep 99

Pembroke College, Cambridge


M. Phil in Medieval History; pass



Oct 94—Jun 97

Pembroke College, Cambridge


History TRIPOS (B. A. Hons., to M. A. Jan 00); II.1


Sep 15 — date

School of History, University of Leeds

Lecturer in Early Medieval History

     lecturing and tutorial teaching at all undergraduate and postgraduate levew)

     research supervision

     leading research projects and convening seminars

     continuing individual research and publication

Aug 14 — Aug 15

Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham

Interim Curator of Coins

     managing access to and use of coin collection

     cataloguing and publishing collection holdings


     research and facilitation of research on coin collection

Teaching Associate

     leading seminars for Department of History courses

Oct 13 — Jul 14

School of History and Cultures, University of Birmingham

Lecturer in Medieval History

     lecturing and seminar teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels, inc. design and running of new courses

     continuing research

     academic administration

Oct 10 — Sep 13

Faculty of History & The Queen’s College, University of Oxford

Departmental Lecturer in Medieval History & Career Development Fellow

     continuing research

     lecturing, seminar teaching and tutorials at undergraduate and graduate leve

     academic administration as required

Retained Lecturer

Pembroke College, Oxford

     seminar and tutorial teaching of undergraduate students

Sep 09 — Jul 10

School of History, Queen Mary University of London

Teaching Associate

lecturing and seminar teaching on 1st-year UG survey course

Oct 08 — Sep 10

Clare College, Cambridge

College Research Associate

1st-year seminar teaching in material culture

Oct 07—Dec 07

Department of History, King's College London

Assistant Lecturer

     lectures and essay tutorials on 1st-year UG survey course

Nov 05 — Sep 10

Department of Coins & Medals, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Research Assistant

     creating electronic images and records of Department’s holdings

     building online exhibitions and online catalogue records

     presenting departmental research in national & international fora

     managing temporary staff on documentation projects

Dec 04—Mar 05

Department of History, University College London

Research Assistant

     constructing and filling database for pilot charters project

Apr 04—Jul 13

Various parts of University of Cambridge


Contract Research Assistant work including following:

Sep 04—Nov 04

Christianization of Northern and Eastern Europe project


     copy-editing translated authors’ manuscripts & formatting for web

Apr 04—Jul 13

Fitzwilliam Museum, Medieval European Coinage project


     checking translation of Spanish-language authors’ manuscripts


     bibliographical and historiographical research to support text

Oct 03—Jul 04

School of History, Classics & Archaeology, Birkbeck College, London

Assistant Lecturer

     seminar teaching on UG survey course


Apr 12

British Academy Foreign Travel Grant

July 04

Blackwells-Early Medieval Europe prize for best first published article

Sep 01

Arts & Humanities Research Board Scholarship (renewed Sep 2002)

Sep 99

Ian Karten Trust Research Support Grant (renewed Mar 2000)






Under contract

Count Borrell II of Barcelona and his Times: managing change in medieval Catalonia, monograph

(London: Palgrave Macmillan)

October 2013

Problems and Possibilities of Early Medieval Charters, edited with Allan Scott McKinley

International Medieval Research 19 (Turnhout: Brepols)

December 2010

Rulers and Ruled in Frontier Catalonia, 880-1010: pathways of power, monograph

Studies in History (London: Royal Historical Society)

Journal Articles




In press

‘Engaging Élites: counts, capital and frontier communities in the ninth and tenth centuries, in Catalonia and elsewhere’

Networks and Neighbours 2.2 (Leeds: Networks and Neighbours), 202-232

December 2012

‘Views, Comments and Statistics: Gauging and Engaging the Audience of Medievalist Blogging’

Literature Compass 9 (Oxford: Wiley), 991-995

March 2012

‘Caliph, King or Grandfather: strategies of legitimisation on the Spanish March in the reign of Lothar III’

The Mediaeval Journal 1.2 (Turnhout: Brepols 2011), 1-21

December 2010

‘Archbishop Ató of Osona: false metropolitans on the Marca Hispanica’

Archiv für Diplomatik 56 (München: Archiv für Diplomatik 2010), 1-42

July 2010

‘Settling the Kings’ Lands: aprisio in Catalonia in perspective’

Early Medieval Europe 18 (Oxford: Wiley 2010), 320-342

March 2010

Currency change in pre-millennial Catalonia: coinage, counts and economics’

Numismatic Chronicle 169 (London: Royal Numismatic Society 2010), 217-243

January 2008

‘The Political Range of Áedán mac Gabráin, King of Dál Riata’

Pictish Arts Society Journal 17 (Brechin: Pictish Arts Society), 3-24

July 2004

‘Power over Past and Future: Abbess Emma and the Nunnery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses’

Early Medieval Europe 12 (Oxford: Blackwells 2003), 229-258

Chapters in edited volumes

Under review

‘A Likely Story: purpose in narratives from charters of the early medieval Pyrenees’

Beyond the Reconquest: Essays on the Politics, Society and Culture of Medieval Iberia, eds S. Barton & R. Portass (Farnham: Ashgate)

Under review

‘Before the Reconquista: frontier relations in medieval Iberia, 718-1031’

The Routledge Companion to Iberian Studies, eds Javier Muñoz-Bassols, Laura Lonsdale & Manuel Delgado (London: Routledge)

November 2014

Bovo soldare: A Sacred Cow of Spanish Economic History Re-evaluated’

Early Medieval Monetary History: Studies in Memory of Mark Blackburn, eds R. Naismith, M. Allen & E. Screen, Studies in Early Medieval British History (Farnham: Ashgate), pp. 187-204

September 2014

‘Poor Tools to Think With: the human space in digital diplomatics’

Digital diplomatics: the computer as a tool for the diplomatist?, eds A. Ambrosio, S. Barret & G. Vogeler, Beihefte der Archiv für Diplomatik 14 (München: Archiv für Diplomatik), pp. 291-302

October 2013

‘Comparing the earliest documentary culture in Carolingian Catalonia’

Problems and Possibilities of Early Medieval Charters (see Books above), pp. 89-126

October 2013


Problems and Possibilities of Early Medieval Charters (see Books above), pp. 1-18

July 2013

‘Bibliography’, with Miquel Crusafont, Anna M. Balaguer & Philip Grierson

M. Crusafont, A. M. Balaguer & P. Grierson, Medieval European Coinage, with a Catalogue of the Coins in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, 6: the Iberian Peninsula (Cambridge: CUP), pp. 590-637

July 2013

‘Ramiro II (1134–7) and Ramon Berenguer IV (1137–62)’, with Miquel Crusafont

Crusafont, Balaguer & Grierson, Medieval European Coinage 6 as above, pp. 105-108

June 2013

‘Only Typing? Informal Writing, Blogging and the Academy’, with Alex Sayf Cummings

Writing History in the Digital Age, eds K. Nawrotzki & J. Dougherty, digitalculturebooks (Detroit: University of Michigan Press), pp. 246-258

October 2012

‘Coinage, Digitization and the World-Wide Web: numismatics and the COINS Project’, with Sebastian Zambanini, Reinhold Hüber-Mork and Achille Felicetti

Digitizing Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture, eds B. H. Nelson & M. Terras, New Technologies in Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Tempe: University of Arizona Press), pp. 459-489

December 2010

‘Centurions, Alcalas and Christiani perversi: the organization of society in the pre-Catalan “terra de ningú”’

Early Medieval Spain: a symposium, eds †A. Deyermond & M. Ryan, Papers of the Medieval Hispanic Research Seminar 63 (London: Queen Mary), pp. 97-127


I have published reviews in Early Medieval Europe, The Medieval Review, The Heroic Age, Fornvännen and Història Agraria. I have refereed papers for the humanities journals Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies, Nottingham Medieval Studies and History Compass and the computer science series MASHS. I have also acted as a referee of books for Cambridge University Press.




coordinating editor for Problems and Possibilities of Early Medieval Charters (see Publications above), based on conference sessions I organised (see Administration below), including soliciting abstracts and texts, copy-editing, liaison with publishers


copy-editing of major publications at Fitzwilliam Museum, including Indian Coins in the Fitzwilliam Museum: the Mughals and their Contemporaries (Cambridge forthcoming) by Sanjay Garg and Medieval European Coinage, with a catalogue of the coins in the Fitzwilliam Museum, 6: the Iberian Peninsula (Cambridge 2013) by Miquel Crusafont i Sabater, Anna M. Balaguer and Philip Grierson, latter including supporting research


copy-editing and preparation for web of materials for Christianization and State Formation in Central Europe and Scandinavia project in Faculty of History, University of Cambridge, now online at



February 2015

Inheriting Rome: the imperial legacy in coinage and culture

(Birmingham: Barber Institute of Fine Arts)

August 2009

Coins in Collections: care and use. A Guide to Best Practice by the COINS Project

(Cambridge: Fitzwilliam Museum)


October 2011

‘A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe’

The Oxford Historian Vol. 9 (2011), p. 60

June 2009

‘Digitizing Numismatics: getting the Fitzwilliam Museum's coins to the world-wide web’

The Heroic Age 12,

January 2007

‘Material Motivations for Joining the First Crusade: resetting the question’

A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe,


February 2015-March 2016

Inheriting Rome: the imperial legacy in coinage and culture

Birmingham, Barber Institute of Fine Arts, including conception, installation, gallery talks and supporting activities



Since 15 December 2006


Personal (academic) webpages


Jonathan Jarrett: academic homepage





Since December 2006


Academic blog (sole author)


A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe





Since March 2008


Virtual exhibition


‘Coin of the Moment: Harry Meader's Sea Gallantry Medal’





January 2009-February 2012


Academic blog (invited contributor)


Cliopatria: a group blog (Humanities News Network, George Mason University)





Since August 2010


Virtual exhibition


Antonio Rodriquez and the New Zealand Cross





Since September 2010


Virtual exhibition


Tokens of Revolution: the propaganda coins of Thomas Spence and his contemporaries






21st September 2015

‘A Problem Of Concavity: The Original Purpose Of The So-Called “Scyphate” Byzantine Coinage’

International Numismatic Congress 2015, Taormina

16th September 2015

‘Small Change and Big Changes: minting and money after the Fall of Rome’

Guest Lecture, Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham

14th July 2015

‘Ceremonies of Property Transfer in Carolingian Catalonia: a model of documented transaction’

Second Conference of the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean, University of Lincoln

9th July 2015

‘De Administrandis Marcis: The 10th-Century Frontier with Islam seen from Barcelona and Byzantium’

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds (in submitted session)

14th May 2015

‘In the Teeth of Reform: reprofiling the Catalan episcopate around the year 1000’

International Congress on Medieval Studies, West Michigan University

24th July 2014

‘The Anger of St Peter: the effects of spiritual sanctions in early medieval charters of donation’

Ecclesiastical History Society summer meeting, University of Sheffield

9th July 2014

‘Counting Clergy: the distribution of priestly presence around a 10th-century Catalan town’

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds

5th July 2014

‘“Completely detached from the kingdom of the Franks”? Political identity in Catalonia in the very late Carolingian era’

The Carolingian Frontier and its Neighbours, University of Cambridge

20th January 2014

Miles or militia: army service and castle guard in tenth-century Catalonia’

Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages Seminar, University of Birmingham

4th July 2013

‘The Priests of Montpeità: Competing Ecclesiastical Interests at the 10th-Century Catalan Frontier’

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds

5th June 2013

‘Two men and a monastery: clerical involvements in Manresa before 1000’

Medieval Economic and Social History Seminar, University of Oxford

4th April 2013

‘On Stone and Skin: inscription of a community at a Catalan monastery around the year 1000’

Special Seminar of the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Monash University and the University of Melbourne

14th March 2013

‘Brokedown palaces or Torres dels Moros? Finding the fisc in late-Carolingian Catalonia’

Seminar on Comparative Medieval Cultures, University of Winchester

1st October 2011

‘Poor tools to think with: the human space in digital diplomatics’

Digital Diplomatics 2011: tools for the digital diplomatist, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II and Società Napoletana di Storia Patria, Naples

14th July 2011

‘Taking it to the March: Carolingian Justice in 9th-Century Girona’

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds (in submitted session)

15th June 2011

‘Managing power in the post-Carolingian era: rulers and ruled in frontier Catalonia, 880-1010’

Earlier Middle Ages Seminar, Institute of Historical Research, London

15th May 2011

‘2:1 against: cereal yields in Carolingian Europe and the Brevium Exempla

46th International Congress on Medieval Studies, West Michigan University, Kalamazoo

18th October 2010

‘A Likely Story: narratives in charter material from early medieval Catalonia’

Medieval History Seminar, University of Oxford

4th September 2010

‘Dilettante or Politician: Count-Bishop Miró of Girona (970-984) and his intellectual cosmos’

The Clerical Cosmos: ecclesiastical power, culture, and society, c. 900 to c. 1075, University of Oxford

18th July 2010

‘An Englishman's blog is his castle: names, freedom and control in medievalist blogging’

17th Biennial Congress of the New Chaucer Society, Università per Stranieri, Siena

12th July 2010

‘Caliph, King, or Grandfather: Strategies of Legitimization on the Spanish March in the Reign of Lothar III’

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds

16th May 2010

‘The Carolingian Succession to the Visigothic Fisc on the Spanish March’

45th International Congress of Medieval Studies, University of West Michigan, Kalamazoo

11th March 2010

‘What's in an ethnonym? Arabic-named Christians on the Frontier of Tenth-Century Spain’

Clare College Research Symposium, Clare College Cambridge

12th September 2009

‘Nuns, Signatures and Literacy in late-Carolingian Catalonia’

Excellentissima et merito famosissima historica, Trinity College, Cambridge (invited speaker)

14th July 2009

‘How to Take Over an Archive: Sant Pere de Casserres and its Old and New Monks’

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds (in submitted session)

7th November 2008

‘Legends in their own Lifetimes? The late Carolingians and Catalonia’

Haskins Society Conference, Georgetown University, Washington DC

27th August 2008

‘The view from a coin room: the COINS project and numismatic study’

EVA Vienna Conference 2008 ‘Digital Cultural Heritage: essential for tourism’, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna

7th July 2008

‘Documents that shouldn’t survive: preservation from before the archive in Catalonia and elsewhere’

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds (in submitted session)

9th July 2007

‘Uncertain Origins: comparing the earliest documentary culture in Carolingian Catalonia’

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds (in submitted session)

7th February 2007

‘Neo-Goths, Mozarabs and Kings: chronicles versus charters in tenth-century León’

Institute of Historical Research Earlier Middle Ages Seminar, London

7th September 2006

‘An ivory tower over the palace? Gothic self-image in tenth-century León’

Fifth Conference of Historians of Medieval Iberia, University of St Andrews

11th July 2006

‘Fixing documents in Carolingian-period Catalonia’

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds (in submitted session)


Much of my administrative experience was gained in my three years working at Oxford, where at one scale I served on the examining board of the M. St. in Medieval History and on another I had a pastoral role as a Personal Tutor to first-year undergraduate historians, a role that I continued in my employment at Birmingham and continue at Leeds. Also while at Oxford I took part for three years in the annual admissions exercise, leading and assisting in 25-30 interviews each year with a view to level playing field testing for ability, not previous knowledge or background, to which end I designed several successful unseen exercises.

In non-academic employment, at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts I had sole charge of a major coin collection, managing access, curation, cataloguing and a team of seven volunteers to get catalogue material to the web and carry out a full audit of the collection; I also oversaw the design and installation of a year-long exhibition in the Institute’s Coin Gallery and was involved with sending the previous exhibition on tour. At the Fitzwilliam Museum I served on two committees (Image Management and Hidden Histories, the latter calling on my academic training also) and acted as manager for volunteer staff (one of whom we served so well that she is now curatorial staff at the V&A.) I also serve on the Project Committee of the British Academy project Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles/Medieval European Coinage.

To this I should add my work between 2006 and 2011 to organise a strand of sessions at the International Medieval Congress on the critical use of charter evidence in early medieval history, in which 46 papers in total were presented over six years and selected proceedings of which I subsequently co-edited as Problems and Possibilities of Early Medieval Charters, described under Publications above. I am now starting a new stream of Leeds sessions on the theme ‘Rethinking the Medieval Frontier’ which I hope will be as successful.