Full Notes Catalogue

The Notes Files

Some time in 1999 or so I started keeping a list of everything I had made notes on, a single now-huge Word file. It's proved a massive labour-saving device when it comes to footnotes, and it's also a glorious piece of bibliographical pedantry which I thought might answer some questions about where things are or where they were before that, about who's written what and so on. So I've split it into nine sections, reluctantly abandoned some of the formatting for simplicity's sake, and put it up. I hope it's useful.
      The file is split by author's surnames; those works where no author is even inferable go at the end under Anon. I attribute authors (and editors) wherever possible--all search terms are good search terms and so on--so if you're sure something must be here, but don't know under whom I would have placed it, it's worth searching each file for something from the title.
      There are also a few items in square brackets. These are things on which I don't actually have notes, because they held nothing relevant to whatever had led me to dig them up, but whose bibliographical details were sufficiently hard to get hold of that I felt it might help future researchers (including me) if those details were on the web somewhere.

Authors/Editors A-C D-F G-I J-L M-O P-R S-U V-X Y, Z & Anon.