Ackanomic Player Scores - Cycle 24

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The Magic Number is 379. The Happy Number is 229. (Thus, the Sad Number is 150.)
Vynd has had the Magic Potato and Aunt Froot had the Great Tuba since Mon Nov 2 12:00:00 -0500. .
The Great Trombone is Somewhere Else.
Harfmeister: /dev/joe Harfy props: 3722
Current Streak: none

1998 Tornadoes: March 20, 14:54 EST; June 21, 10:02 EDT; September 23, 01:37 EDT; December 21, 20:55 EST.

Final Scores:

Score   Ackanomic Name     Status Real Name
-----   --------------       1234 -------------
401     Slakko                V   (Duncan Richer)
372     Alfvaen               V   (Aaron Humphrey)
286     JT                    V   (JT Traub)
270     /dev/joe              V   (Joseph DeVincentis)
223     Rig R. Mortis        NI   (Bernard El-Hagin)
218     Studge                V   (Tom Mueller)
184     eirs                  V   (Gavin Logan)
184     K 2                   V   (Kelly Kelly)
166     Gromit                V   (Tom Walmsley)
138     rufus                 V   (David Scheidt)
119     smallpox blanket      V   (Gavin Doig)
109     saaremaa             VI   (Randy Hall)
98      A Mean Hat.           V   (Gabriel Drummond-Cole)
97      Wallace               V   (Aaron Keesler)
72      J. M. Bear           VI   (Frank Schmidt)
66      Niccolo Flychuck      V   (Uri Bruck)
64      Aunt Froot           NI   (Micah Smukler)
46      Wild Card             V   (Jonathan David Amery)
42      Vynd                  V   (John McCoy)
39      404 Not Found         N   (Joel Ricker)
32      r-attila the farce    V   (Bryan Federico)
0       AJ                   PI   (AJ Drummond-Cole)
0       Robert Sevin          N   (Mitchell Harding)
-5      The Green Ripper      V   (Eric Plumb)
-5      ThinMan               V   (John Bollinger)
-5      two-star              V   (Alexandre Muniz)
-10     IdiotBoy              Vg  (Matt Miller)
-12     Robin Hood            V   (Robert Shaw)
-37     Calvin N Hobbes       V   (Thierry Joffrain)

Status: (note new abbreviations!)
Column 1: P="Pending" (for Voting players)
Column 1: As below (for Inactive players' former state)
Column 2: V=Voting, N=Non-voting, I=Inactive
Other columns: g=Chartreuse Goose, i=Involuntary (last inactivity)

NOTE: "On Ice" players are no longer listed here.

Point Log for this cycle

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