Alfvaen's "Zee Mad Scientist Page!"

I vuz zee Mad Scientist of Ackanomic! I vuz vorking on zee Blueprint for a Frankenstein Monster named "Lushrike"! Since I haff completed zee Blueprint, it is now permissible for me to refeal zee details uff its construction! So here it is!

   From Rex Mundi Wed Jun 18 18:25:20 1997
   From Rule 850, "Museum"
Lushrike is the curator of the Museum, and it is a duty of that office to
maintain records of the Museum's inventory, and other relevant Museum

   From Alfvaen Thu Jun 19 16:29:33 1997
[[Lushrike is one or two positive integers.  --rejected, not from a rule
created by a proposal]]

   From Vynd Mon Jun 23 23:44:25 1997
   From Rule 517/2 Contracts, first paragraph:
Any player may create a Lushrike by publicly announcing that e is doing
so and providing the name and text of the Lushrike.

   From Malenkai Tue, 24 Jun 1997 23:08:51
   From Rule 254, "Player States"
Only Lushrike may be randomly selected for anything, except where the
rules specifically allow non-active players to be selected. 

   From /dev/joe Tue, 24 Jun 1997 22:34:07
[[Lushrike is a self-modifying game of rules.  --rejected, not from a
rule created by a proposal]]

   From Alfvaen Tue 24 Jun 1997 21:49:04
   From Rule 405, "Speaker", prior to CSR14
Lushrike takes precedence over all rules.

   From two-star Tue 24 Jun 1997 21:30:47
   From Rule 933
Lushrike is a mimsy, non-Tradeable, Garment.

   From Alfvaen Fri 27 Jun 1997 20:05:03
   From Rule 835, "Locations"
Lushrike must be in exactly one Location at any one time.

   From Alfvaen Wed 2 Jul 1997 13:40:28
   From Rule 903, "Gumball"
There is a unique entity called Lushrike which can be chewed only on
alternate Wednesdays and Thursdays.

   From Vynd Sat Jul  5 12:14:24 1997
   From Rule 1046 Another truly deplorable Pun
Whenever 2 or more Swingers are in the same location, they are
specificaly forbidden from discussing Lushrike or bragging about their

   From two-star Jul 9 21:17:30 1997
   From Rule 933
[[ Lushrike is a mimsy, non-Tradeable, Garment.  --rejected:  already in
  BUC ]]

   From Alfvaen Jul 15 01:32:47 1997
   From Rule 597
Lushrike shall exclaim, "It's alive! <name> IS ALIVE!"

   From two-star Jul 15 21:31:07 1997
   From Rule 1240.1
The maximum number of Otzma Cards that Lushrike may create on an 
Otzma-Day is equal to the smallest integer equal to or greater than

   From mr cwm Jul 16 15:11:31 1997
   From Rule 597
Lushrike is such that any new parts would be rejected.

   From Malenkai Jul 19 02:13:13 1997
   From Rule 1303, "Synod"
All actions carried out by the Synod must be approved by Lushrike.

   From Alfvaen Jul 25 17:05:03 1997
   From Rule 346
Lushrike shall be declared the winner of cycle one, the game cycle number
shall be set to one, and the full process described above shall be

   From Alfvaen Aug 2 13:22:14 1997
   From Rule 1250
If Lushrike fails to publicly post an article notifying its subscribers
of the End of the World within 7 days of its occurrence, its owner will
be fined A$5 for poor coverage of the news.

   From Alfvaen Aug 10 22:17:37 1997
   From Rule 500
Lushrike may manipulate Rules and the Rule set.

However, CFJ 449 has shown zat zee Blueprint for Lushrike vas destroyed as soon as it vas created, since it conflicted vith zee Rules! Oh, vell, them is zee breaks! I haff since resigned as Mad Scientist!

Zat is all I haff to say!

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