Current rules of Imperial Nomic Game 15.

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  1. Minimal Office Holders
    The Game of Imperial Nomic shall always include at least two not necessarily distinct players who are office-holders: The Imperial Emperor / Empress (TIE) and The Humble Scribe (THS).

  2. What TIE Says Goes
    The decision of TIE is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The initial holder of the position of TIE is Duncan "Slakko" Richer.

  3. How to Play
    A Proposal is submitted by sending it by electronic mail or the World Wide Web to THS, who must publish via the World Wide Web the current ruleset, proposal list, and current scores of all players.

  4. Rights and Responsibilities of TIE
    TIE will judge each proposal submitted and accept, reject or ignore it. To ignore a proposal, the condition by which it is ignored must be explicit elsewhere in the ruleset. TIE may, at any time, modify or remove any existing rule or enact new rules, by the issuing of a Proclamation. In addition, e may, at any time, issue a Directive calling for proposals in a certain area.

  5. Rights of THS
    The Humble Scribe may rewrite a proposal to clarify its meaning, as long as the rewriting does not alter the meaning.

  6. Automatic Queueing System
    If a player has submitted two undecided proposals and then submits a new proposal, the new proposal will replace the oldest of that player's undecided proposals.

  7. I Think You Meant Something Else
    Any player may, at any time, submit a Point of Order to raise any issue relevant to the game.

  8. Application of Rules
    Each submission will be numbered and a new rule will apply to all submissions numbered greater than or equal to its own proposal unless it specifies otherwise.

  9. Resolution of Conflicts
    When several rules apply at the same time and have different consequences then the rule with the lowest number is applied first. Other rules may then be applied so long as they do not conflict directly with a rule that has already been applied.

  10. Winning the Game
    The game ends when a player qualifies for the title of The Exalted Winner (TEW).

  11. Justify your Proposal
    Repealed by Proposal P14.

  12. The Rainbow Connection
    All players start the game with status RED. If a player submits 3 accepted proposals without any intervening rejected or ignored proposals, the player's status will be raised to the next level. Levels match the colors of the spectrum, in order: RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET. Three rejected proposals in a row will reduce their status one level. A RED player having three consecutive rejected proposals becomes the FOOL. The first player to obtain VIOLET status will be declared The Exalted Winner (TEW). The count of rejected or accepted proposals is reset to 0 whenever a colour change occurs for whatever reason (added by P93). TIE may not win the game, but is initially VIOLET(added by P109). If no more than two players submit proposals in a given update, those players shall rise by one colour. If both are INDIGO, becoming VIOLET, they both win.

  13. Ten Letters
    Repealed after Point of Order P36.

  14. More Office Holders
    Repealed by Proclamation P113.

  15. Location, Location, Location
    Players are happy little marbles that live on a big Chinese Checkers board. The world is a plane of holes, spaced so that connecting each hole would result in a tiling of the plane by equilateral triangles. Coordinates will be (x,y), where x is number of spaces up and to the right of the origin, y is the number of spaces right (so up and to the left from the origin is really (1,-1)). (Added by P123) New players start at (0,0), with 10 GC.

  16. Laureate's Laurel
    All proposals which have abab rhyme pattern cannot be ignored. Accepted poems gain the proposer one Laurel, rejected ones earn them one Angst. Players with Angst may not rise to a rank above BLUE.

  17. Equal Opportunity Act
    A proposal is to be ignored as soon as it discriminates between players upon their identities rather than upon the content of the proposals concerning these players.

  18. Marble Movement
    The direction in which the vector (1,0) points shall be known as the "RED" direction; (0,1) shall point "ORANGEward"; and so on, proceeding clockwise about the origin, ending with the "INDIGOwardly" pointing vector (1,-1). The mystical direction of "VIOLET" is thought to be perpendicular to the board, but any scientific marble knows that's just a religious fable and an impossibility.

  19. The Big tick
    The only unit of time in the game is a tick, and the only other terms referring to time in the game shall be those explaining the length of a tick. A tick passes whenever a new proposal, point of order or movement is processed.

  20. More Equal Opportunity
    If TIE chooses, relevant Points of Order may be given equivalent benefits to a Proposal.

  21. Gratuitous ABBA Song
    Players on entrance to the game receive 5 Gold Coins, as do all existing players at the time of this proposal.

  22. More Marble Movement
    Each proposal may be accompanied by a request to move in the direction corresponding to any colour, being a movement of (n,0), (0,n), (-n,0), (0,-n), (n,-n), or (-n,n). Movement only occurs on accepted proposals, or at a cost of one gold coin, unless specified otherwise. (Added by P81) n may not be more than the maximum speed of the marble, which is 1 unless specified otherwise. (Added by P79) When multiple units may be moved in one movement, the movement shall be treated as distinct moves of one unit each, unless specified otherwise. (Added by P110) TIE may move one unit per tick, before the effects of any other marble's movement are determined.

  23. Bank
    A location specified on the score page contains the Bank. All players shall have acounts at the Bank, and will be able (via asking THS very nicely) to make deposits and withdrawals from the Bank. Interest is 50% paid every five ticks (parts of GCs are measured in Schillings, 100 S = 1 GC).

  24. Building Boom
    When submitting a proposal, any player of ORANGE status or higher may propose to devise some building. No more than one building may be in any single location. The new architectural marvel will be built if and only if the accompanying proposal is accepted and TIE approves of the building.. A player who has built a building this way will be known as a Concrete Ingeneer Architect (CIA).

  25. Shines Clearer and Lasts Longer
    Fulfilling a directive entitles the marble to a free buffing, which enables it to move three spaces instead of one. At the SAS a marble may pay for coatings, as follows: Only the most recent three coatings have any effect.
  26. Don't Get Pushy
    If a marble moves into an occupied square it shoves the former occupant along the same vector, imparting to the former occupant a velocity equal to that used to enter the space (for the purposes of this game changing direction requires a full stop).

  27. Honest Day's Work
    Accepted proposals, at TIE's discretion, may earn their authors one additional Gold Coin.

  28. Gas Guzzlers
    Repealed by Proposal P66.

  29. Paint Chips
    The points exactly 5 units COLOURward of the origin shall be coloured in the corresponding COLOURs. Thus, (5,0) is red, (0,5) is orange, (5,-5) is yellow and so on. A player landing on a point coloured in the hue one colour higher or lower than his own in the spectrum shall have his colour changed to that of the point. However, the colour change cancels the effect of any Buffing.
  30. Clinker
    A player earns 1 GC for each marble collision they produce deliberately.

  31. The Great Wall
    The Great Wall is located REDwards of the origin along the Orange-Blue longitudinal line that passes through (6,0). REDwards of the wall is the land of the Mongol Hordes. Marbles may not enter or cross the Wall unless specified in later rules. If rule 26 would cause a pushed marble to crash into the Great Wall, the pushed marble suffers concussion, loses any coatings in its possession and is returned to a random location as close as possible to (0,0) to recover.

  32. Bill
    A marble at the imperial palace may pay 5 GC to move instantly to any other building. If the building is occupied they swap places with the current occupant.

  33. Geographical Names Act
    A hole may be a Vista, an Obstacle, or neither. A marble that enters an Obstacle Hole will be ejected immediately, but marbles may enter a Vista hole. All buildings, and all named holes with exception of the Great Wall at the adoption of this rule, are Vistas. The Great Wall holes are Obstacles.

  34. Curious Polygonal Conspiracy
    Should six marbles not all of the same colour ever occupy a regular hexagon of side-length 2 or greater, the colour of all six marbles will be changed to the colour one lower than that of the formerly highest-ranking marble.

  35. It's the Feds
    When submitting a proposal, any player of INDIGO status or higher may propose to place an Obstacle from the Glossary of Rubber Obstacles (below) on the Board. The Obstacle will be placed if and only if the accompanying proposal is accepted and TIE approves of its placement (TIE will probably not want to see his subjects or Locations boxed in, nor infinite loops set up.) A player who has placed an Obstacle in this way will be known as a Fabulously Bouncy Ingeneer (FBI). A player may not attempt to place a Building and an Obstacle with the same proposal.
    Anyone may add to this Glossary of Rubber Obstacles, provided that the Obstacle is inherently rubbery and that a brief example explaining the nature of the Obstacle is given.

  36. Strange Loops
    No proposal takes effect until the tick after its implementation, unless a bribe is paid.

  37. Imperial Automobile Association
    The SAS can also provide the following services to any marble, with membership costing 3 GC:

  38. Stranger Loops
    Any movement which creates an infinite loop will result in all involved marbles being reassigned random vacant locations as per the Big Bang. Further, each marble will receive 12 GC compensation.

  39. Poetry Publishing
    A player at the Imperial Small Press may pay 5 GC to remove 1 Angst. A player with no GC, but Laurels, may receive 4 GC, automatically move to the Imperial Small Press, and lose 1 Laurel.

  40. Marbles in Orange
    An orange marble may pay 3 GC to become a police officer. If a police officer "witnesses" a crime then the offending marble is fined 3 GC. If unable or unwilling to pay, that marble is taken to the Jailyard. Current crimes are: Policemarbles may not be fined for Speeding. (Added by P101) New marbles sent to the Jailyard act as if they came from the ORANGE direction, knocking any occupant BLUEward. All revenue from the collisions goes to the arresting Policemarble.

  41. Hawkeye Any marble speeding within 1 square of the imperial grounds is automatically spotted by the sharp eyes of the emperor and fined TWICE the usual speeding fine.

  42. Imperial Insurance Agency The Imperial Automobile Association also offers the following insurance:


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