Proposals of Imperial Nomic Game 15.

Proposal P1 (Tim Quinn)

Proposal: In relation to D1, all propsals in excess of 4 lines long to be ignored. (a line being defined as 80 characters or less)
Comment: A nice idea, but really decent rulesets usually require complex rules. To split such rules up into little chunks can spoil them, so I'm afraid this one must be rejected.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P2 (Tim Quinn)

Proposal: In relation to D1, any proposal that does not
have all its lines the same  length  shall  be ignored.
Also, there are not to be any leading spaces on a  line
except for indenting purposes. There may never be  more
than two spaces  adjacent  within  a  line  (except for
leading spaces). And the last line of a  propsal may be
shorter than the earlier lines. (like this).

Comment: Wierd, makes the writer think, and of most importance it is utterly useless in HTML.
Decision: Accepted as Rule 11 (Justify Your Proposal).

Proposal P3 (Damian Coffey)

Proposal:  All players start the game with status RED.  If a player
submits 3 accepted  proposals  without  any intervening rejected or
ignored  proposals, the player's  status will be raised to the next
level.  Levels  match  the  colors  of the spectrum, in order: RED,
obtain VIOLET status will be declared The Exalted Winner (TEW).

Comment: Rainbow Nomic? Why not?
Decision: Accepted as Rule 12 (The Rainbow Connection).

Proposal P4 (Damian Coffey)

Proposal:  Each proposal must contain at least one relevant word
of ten letters or more.  Any proposal in discordance  with  this 
rule will be ignored.
Comment: I wonder about the relevance of the use of discordance in this proposal. Nevertheless, I will accept it but delay its application until all "buffered" proposals have been dealt with.
Decision: Accepted as Rule 13 (Ten Letters).

Proposal Notice

While the last three proposals were all put in preformatted form to show you the requirements of Rule 11 (Justify Your Proposal), this could become tedious. I will still apply the rule, but the results won't be as easily visible from this screen if you are using a non-fixed-width font.

Proposal P5 (Death)

Proposal: A new Office shall be created: that of Advocate. If a proposal that is posted during the Advocate's term of office is Ignored, the Advocate may force the Emperor to judge the proposal, accepting or rejecting it as the Emperor chooses). The Advocate holds her office for twenty proposals or until she forces the Emperor to judge a proposal, which- ever is first. If the office of Advocate is ever vacant it shall immediately be filled by whichever person has been playing for the longest time who has not held the office of Advocate a greater number of times than some other player.
Comment: A backup mechanism is always handy in such a game. I welcome the first Advocate, and to be fair it must be Death.
Decision: Accepted as Rule 14 (More Office Holders).

Proposal P6 (Brian Tivol)

Proposal: Players are happy little marbles that live on a big Chinese Checkers board. The world is a plane of holes, spaced so that connecting each hole would result in a tiling of the plane by equilateral triangles. THS may use whatever coordinate system is easiest, although I myself recommend using Z[zeta], where zeta is a complex cube root of 1.
Comment: About time we had a little bit of MUDslinging, don't you think? My coordinate system doesn't worry about complex numbers, rather it treats this as a skewed copy of R^2.
Decision: Accepted as Rule 15 (Location, Location, Location).

Proposal P7 (Brian Tivol)

Proposal: If a rule has a title in addition to a number, then the rule must be referred to by both title and number.
Comment: Nice, but redundant. Surely either is sufficient?
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P8 (Pascal)

Proposal: E who dies with the most toys, wins. (ie qualifies as TEW)
Comment: Quick, simple, and impossible to implement. You mean all the "players" have to be killed off before a winner can be decided? What a bloodthirsty idea!
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P9 (Kati and Jay)

A proposal in which every other line
Is carefully phrased so as to rhyme
Is considered to be of form divine
And may not be ignored at any time

If said proposal is then accepted
The author gains a laurel for his fame
If the proposal is judged rejected
The poet gains an angst from the shame
Comment: I wish I had the time to write poetry in response.
Decision: Accepted as Rule 16 (Laureate's Laurel)

Proposal P10 (Bauwolf)

Proposal: A proposal is to be ignored as soon as it discriminates between players upon their identities rather than upon the content of the proposals concerning these players.
Comment: (This is my job :-)) I am obviously pro anti-discrimination proposals.
Decision: Accepted as Rule 17 (Equal Opportunity Act).

Proposal P11 (Dedoux)

Proposal: A proposal has to be rejected if it is not directly related to an already edited directive.
Comment: Sorry, I only have one directive out and it got fulfilled.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P12 (Michol)

Proposal: The players can submit Directives to the Emperor. Proposed Directives are called "Propoctives" and must begin with the mention "Propoctive for directive #", where "#" represents the number of the future directive to come. A Propoctive is accepted, adaptated or rejected by the Emperor. Proposed Directives must be written in the rule format and follow the same steps of submission. Propoctives accepted by the Emperor become Imperial Directives and are published the same way as usual Directives. An accepted Protoctive for a given Directive number replaces automatically as Directive any older Directive with this number.
Comment: Well, the real idea of Directives was to enable TIE to shape the game the way they wanted. If the players can fiddle with the proposals directly (unlike the Emperor), why would they want to submit Propoctives?
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P13 (Brian Tivol)

Proposal: The direction in which the vector (1,0) points shall be known as the "RED" direction; (0,1) shall point "ORANGEward"; and so on, proceeding clockwise about the origin, ending with the "INDIGOwardly" pointing vector (1,-1). The mystical direction of "VIOLET" is thought to be perpendicular to the board, but any scientific marble knows that's just a religious fable and an impossibility.
Comment: Possibly a fable, but rumour has it that the FBI is on the case. :-) Decision: Accepted as Rule 18 (Marble Movement).

Proposal P14 (Brian Tivol)

Proposal: The unit of time in this game is the "tick". (There is no special capitalization of the word, nor does it stand for anything cute.) Ticks cannot be broken down into smaller units of time, and no shorthand words for longer lengths of time based on the tick shall be used. Rules that deal with tie or timing of the game may phrase things in terms of ticks, except, of course, for the rule that defines what a "tick" actually is.
Comment: A fixed unit of time measure which is undefined? However, given that you could always fiddle around with it (or I could with the odd Proclamation), I don't think there would be much of a problem with it. Decision: Accepted as Rule 19 (The Big tick)

Proposal P15 (Anarchy)

Proposal: That Rule 11 should be repealed.
Comments: As noted in the comment to proposal P2, it is utterly useless in HTML now that THS isn't displaying these proposals verbatim. The rule doesn't add anything interesting to the game and just makes things tedious for players for no real gain.
TIE Comment: Sorry Tim, but this really will speed up the game (when I can devote my full attention to it.
Decision: Accepted, repeals Rule 11.

Proposal P16 (Anarchy)

Title: Names, Names, Names
Proposal: Proposals to create new rules must include a suggested title which TIE may use or substitute an alternative at his discretion.
Comment: While it does make things easier, I would have to say that I enjoy thinking up the titles myself, and suggestions would put me under some pressure. If you want, by all means suggest titles, but you don't have to.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P17 (Bauwolf)

Proposal: Any relevant (as assessed by the Emperor) Point of Order should be granted the same status advantage as for the accepted proposals. This should encourage players to participate actively in the game.
Comment: A nice idea, provided I do have discretion. You've allowed for that, so fair enough.
Decision: Accepted as Rule 20 (More Equal Opportunity).

Proposal P18 (Dedoux)

Proposal: Any player who feels that his/her rejected or ignored proposal was not well understood by the Emperor may hire the Advocate to represent him/her and advocate for his/her proposal before the Emperor. The price of this service is one gold coin to be paid to the Advocate. In order to hire the Advocate , it is necessary to be located at the Office of the Advocate.
Comment: If I don't understand it now, how will a lawyer explain it to me? :-) Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P19 (Dedoux)

Proposal: Each existing player receives five gold coins. Furthermore, each new entrant receives the same ammount of coins as a welcoming donation from the Emperor.
Comment: Commerce is essential to the running of a decent Empire.
Decision: Accepted as Rule 21 (Gratuitous ABBA Song).

Proposal P20 (Bauwolf)

Proposal: When submitting a proposal, a player may move to another location by one unit of x (in absolute value) or one unit of y (in absolute value). The move will be granted if and only if the accompanying proposal is accepted.
Comment: What's the point in a grid if you can't move?
Decision: Accepted as Rule 22 (More Marble Movement).
Move: from (0,0) to (-1,1). This contravenes your rule, so you don't move (I assume or, not and/or).
Colour Change: Bauwolf goes a bright Orange.

Proposal P21 (Michol)

Proposal: The player who submits a proposal which holds at least one auto-referential sentence shall earn one unit of money.
Comment: Sneaky, tricky and quick. Sorry, but there's no point trying to embezzle money away when it can't be used for anything yet.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P22 (Michol)

Proposal: Apart from Proposals and Points of Order, players may also submit a RuleSwap. The latter consists in proposing to swap two rules . Furthermore , I hope that "furthermore" or "accordance" are relevant words in accordance with rule 13.
Comment: The whole point of the Proposal preference clause is to slow down the rate of change possible in the game. RuleSwap would basically eliminate that, and make it harder to keep up with the situation. Sorry, but I don't think I could manage that right now.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P23 (Tim Quinn)

Proposal: That the origin of the world should become the most wonderfull Imperial Palace. (ie: (0,0) should be named the Imperial Palace).
Comment: Why Not? I'm there!
Decision: Accepted as Note on Score Page.

Proposal P24 (Death)

Note: I don't believe that I am eligible to hold the post of Advocate yet. There are players who have been playing for longer periods than I (Tim Quinn, Damian Coffey) who have been Advocate no more times than I have (0). Tim should be the first Advocate.
Thank you Death, and sorry about that. Tim becomes the new first Advocate.
Proposal (Doggerel Dismissal):
A haiku's brief form
Is a redressing of all
Wrongs. Ignore it not.
With seventeen parts
Of only a few words
What can haikus say?
There is simply not
Sufficient space to explain
One whole Proposal.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P25 (Death)

Proposal (Lost in Translation):
All, contented spheres
Translating six directions,
One per proposal.
Superior ball,
Of more heavenly hue, Jumps
Over the lesser.
Pauli Exclusion
Prohibits movement into
Occupied Spaces
Comment: But everybody is at 0,0 right now. What, do we have a big bang? Sorry, but the movement rule is already in place.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P26 (Kati and Jay)

The  lot  of  the poet  is  hard  enough
But  legislating  long  words into verse
Will  make  rhyming  them far  too tough
Making  a  grim  situation  even  worse.
Rule 13's ten  letters are for the birds
All poems  are from  that  rule excepted
Yet a poem passed with 10-letter'd words
Shall count as 2 proposals thus accepted

Comment: The poet's lot is not an easy one.
Decision: Accepted as Amendments to existing rules.

Proposal P27 (Shane)

Proposal: Any proposal that does not include a reference to the theory that there is a world wide conspiracy will be, at best, rejected. This is because I think that this a relevant topic that all should know about.
Comment: Just one question - how do you know Imperial Nomic is not part of the conspiracy? :-). Sorry, but this one just appears a little too silly.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P28 (Kriss)

O  wise  Leader, light  to  all  men
Watch the  good  in  a  Vice  Office
Whose  holder shall replace you when
Your  Highness wants a restful peace

This  unique  and  most high station
Shall  by  your chosen one be filled
Till  replacement  by  your sanction
With one more respectful and skilled
Comment: A vice lackey? I'm broke at the moment and can't afford to pay them. Sorry, but besides I don't really trust anyone in Nomic - you can't afford to, it's sort of like Diplomacy that way.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P29 (Brian Tivol)

Proposal: That Rule 22, "More Marble Movement", be amended so that marbles may move in any one of the first six cardinal directions rather than merely RED, ORANGE, GREEN and BLUE.
Comment: To do otherwise would sort of be an act of discrimination against two of the colours - fair enough!
Decision: Accepted. Modifies Rule 22, "More Marble Movement".

Proposal P30 (Brian Tivol)

Proposal: Oh no! Who'd've guessed? We're about to have a Big Bang! THS will randomly select a hole for each marble to occupy, under the requirements that no two marbles may occupy the same hole. These holes will all lie on or inside the hexagon marked by the corners {(5,0), (0,5), (-5,5), (-5,0), (0,-5), (5,-5)}. TIE may opt to remain at (0,0) in his Palace, since his amazing power can even withstand such an awesome, Board-shaking event.
Comment: An Explosion the Likes of Which No Nomic Has Seen Before (grin)!
Decision: Accepted. Modifies Score Sheet.

Points of Order P31 (Brian Tivol)

There are two P3's, but that's no big deal. More importantly, does P22 have a word of at least ten letters? I don't think so... eep.

Proposal P32 (Tim Quinn)

Proposal: That every time a player moves, or a propsal or point of order is recieved by the wonderous humble scribe then one tick shall pass, reguardless of whether it is ignored, rejected or accepted.
Comment: In Game 9 most of the time-related rules dealt with a fixed number of Proposals difference. This is a fair enough definition of time for Imperial Nomic.
Decision: Accepted. Amends Rule 19 (The Big tick).

Proposal P33 (Tim Quinn)

Proposal: that there shall be a "Bank" at site (2,0). All players shall have acounts at the Bank, and will be able (via asking THS very nicely) to make deposits and withdrawals from the Bank.
Comment: Money makes the Nomic go around, so a bank will really be quite useful!
Decision: Accepted. Creates Rule 23 (Bank) and modifies Score Page.
Move Redwards is achieved.

Proposal P34 (Dedoux)

Proposal: When submitting a proposal, any gifted player in architecture, may propose to devise some building (like bank, shop, jail, ... Imagination!!!). No more than one building could be introduced in any single location. The new architectural marvel will be built if and only if the accompanying proposal is accepted.
Comment: Watch out for the Building Boom!
Decision: Accepted as Rule 24 (Building Bioom!)

Proposal P35 (Dedoux)

Proposal: A player will be recognized as gifted in architecture as soon as his/her status is ORANGE (of course it holds for higher statuses as well). Furthermore, once a player has devised a building, he/she receives the honorific title of Concrete Ingeneer Architect (C.I.A.).
Comment: The CIA? What's next? The FBI? The NSA? MOSSAD?
Decision: Accepted. Modifies Rule 24 (Building Boom).

Point of Order P36 (Dedoux)

Point of order : Proposal 22 does not respect rule 13 (the second proposal P3). Moreover rule 17 contradicts rule 13 as the latter discriminates among players whose mother-tongue is English and those for whom this is not the case. We know that by rule 9, rule 13 dominates rule 17, however, we believe non-discrimination should prevail in all instances. We suggest that rule 13 be removed and proposal 22 be sustained.
Comments: I have already addressed the P22 (now P23) situation with Tivol's last Point of Order. Now with Rule 13 and Rule 17, most people who have English as their first language have trouble thinking up appropriate ten letter words (okay, bad example), but I can see your point. The only problem is that you submitted it as a PoO, so while I will repeal Rule 13 this time, you don't gain for an accepted proposal, and in future this won't happen unless it is submitted as a separate Proposal.

Point of Order P37 (Dedoux)

Point of order : Scoring disagreement. In the score table, Tim Quinn should have 2 proposals instead of 1 and Dedoux 1 instead of 0.
Comments: (sheepishly) Sorry.
Note: Your attempted move fails because this is not a proposal.

Proposal P38 (Bauwolf)

Proposal: Specification of rule 19. All players have an age which serves as a proxy for their experience in the game and which is expressed in ticks. A player is older of one tick when he/she has a proposal accepted. If a player is at least 16 ticks old (sweet sixteen), he/she receives the title of Venerable Imperial Player (V.I.P).
Comment: Sorry, too late. Tim beat you to it.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P39 (Bauwolf)

Proposal: An Imperial Lottery shall be created : the Fantastic Bet Institute (F.B.I.). It could offer different sorts of games or loteries. The first one, which we will simply call LOTO, will consist in players gambling no more than one G.C. at a time. Once four players have asked to gamble, a session of the LOTO is said to be over and TIE picks up one of these four players at random and gives him/her the four gambled G.C. A player may ask to gamble when submitting a proposal. Gambles should be accepted (whether this player's proposal is accepted or not) as long as this player owns at least one G.C. and has not gambled yet in the going session.
Comment: People have money just to gamble? Thee must be an easier way to improve your cash flow than to risk all on TIE's decision.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P40 (James Blonde)

Directives are a useful device
To push this great game forward.
But I and others,  through avarice
would only listen if there was reward.
When players give TIE good advice
He bestows on them a cape that's chartreuse.
Which makes them move three hole's worth (nice)
or less - in proposals, they can choose.
Comment: What the hell are you talking about? Oh... So that's what it means. Maybe it should be a little more prosaic in the rules.
Decision: Accepted as Rule 25 (Directive Satisfaction).

Proposal P41 (Tim Quinn)

Proposal: That any marble might move at any time, but only at the cost of one gold coin.
Movement: YELLOW.
Decision: Accepted as Amendment to More Marble Movement (Rule 22).

Proposal P42 (Tim Quinn)

Proposal: that a player must be in the bank to do any relevant transactions.
Decision: Fair enough. Accepted as Amendment to Bank (Rule 23).
Tim Quinn becomes Yellow.

Proposal P43 (ICY)

Proposal: Any proposal that does not have a least one intelligent word in it shall be ignored.
Comment: A laudable idea, but one that is so vague I'd get challenged the first time I tried to use it. Sorry.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P44 (Death)

Proposal: When push comes to shove, we marbles are no squares. While two of us cannot occupy the same square at the same time we can still get around: If a marble moves into an occupied square it shoves the former occupant along the same vector, imparting to the former occupant a velocity equal to that used to enter the space (for the purposes of this game changing direction requires a full stop).
Death's move is ORANGE.
Comment: If you can't get where you want to go, there has to be a little push and shove!
Decision: Accepted as Rule 26 (Don't Get Pushy).

Proposal P45 (Death)

Proposal: The game board, rather than being an infinite plane, is the shape of a chinese checkers board.
(Board eliminated for reasons of clarity, I'm sure you all know what it looks like. Note that the edges are four moves away at least from the centre). All players who were big-bang'd off the edge of the board are re-placed firmly on the board in a random position. Some of these briefly transported marbles claim to have seen majestic oriental dragons and exotic tortoises beyond the edge, but, since only a Lost Marble would care to be a bauble in a dragon's collection or an ornament on a tortoise's shell, we can only speculate.
Comment: A nice idea, but I tend to like the idea of a theoretically infinite isometric plane. It eliminates the difficulties of running out of room to build rooms, that sort of thing.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P46 (Kriss)

Proposal : In order to reward originality and creativity, each author of an outstanding accepted proposal shall receive one GC from the Imperial Treasure. Judgement if the proposal qualifies for such a reward is left to TIE.
Comment: It's about time we had monetary rewards as an option!
Decision: Accepted as Rule 27 (Honest Day's Work).

Proposal P47 (Kriss)

Proposal : A player who is not further than one hole from another one may attempt to steal him/her. The attempt must be joined with a proposal. If the proposal is accepted, the thief gains one GC from his/her victim. If the proposal is rejected, the thief fails and gains a Black Mark to make others aware of his/her felony. A theft attempt forbids a move attempt.
Comment: I thought I was going to rule nice law-abiding marbles! What horrors lurk further down the track?
Decision: Rejected for reasons of public order :-).

Proposal P48 (Kati and Jay)

The greatest  poet  needs recognition
He with  the most laurels  shall hold
The  Imperial  Poet  as his  position
And each tick be paid a piece of gold
Comment: So you want one gold piece each time a proposal is submitted?
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P49 (Bauwolf)

Proposal: In order to ease movements in the Empire, cars shall be introduced. Three types of cars exist in unlimited amounts. The first type (car1) allows its owner to move of up to two units of distance within the Empire and costs 2 GC. The second type (car2) allows its owner to move of up to four units of distance and costs 5 GC. The third type (car3) allows its owner to move of up to two units of distance whether his/her proposal accompanying the proposed movement is accepted, ignored or rejected and costs 8 GC. The cars shall be sold exclusively in a car shop. There shall be a single car shop in the Empire. To buy a car, a player shall first move to the car shop. A player may offer to buy a car when submitting a proposal. This offer shall be considered whether the accompanying proposal is accepted, ignored or rejected. The proceeds of the sales shall go to the owner of the car shop.
New architectural marvel: we have just built a Super Automobile Shop (SAS) in our current location.
Comment: This might make things difficult, after all marbles don't exactly have any hands to hold the steering wheels!
Decision: Accepted as Rule 28 (Gas Guzzlers), with the modification that no-one receives the money because there is currently no way to own property.

Proposal P50 (Bauwolf)

Proposal: A player can open a bank deposit account at the bank. In order to do so and any other transaction (deposit, withdrawal, etc.) except interest payment, the player has to be located at the bank. A player who has opened an account may deposit gold coins on this account. This bears some interest. In order to avoid heavy calculations, we will say that a Gold Coin is worth 100 Schillings (Slg). Each GC deposited at the bank gives 50 Slg's to the depositor and 10 Slg's to the banker as management reward every 5 ticks (or as TIE wishes). The payments of interest are made directly to the player and cannot be added to the deposit (this is to avoid heavy cumulative interest calculations to TIE). The banker shall be the owner of the bank. The gold reserves of the bank are unlimited. Interest payments are made from these reserves. However, the banker may not confound his/her personal wealth with that of the bank.
Comments: There is currently no ownership, and also you didn't ask to create the position of Banker - so there is currently no one to do the work. The bit about interest is fair enough though.
Decision: Accepted in part as amendment to Bank. Earns 1 GC.


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