Proposals of Imperial Nomic Game 15 - 51 onwards.

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Proposal P101 (Brian Tivol)

Proposal: The Jailyard can quite possibly become overcrowded under the current rules. New marbles sent to the Jailyard act as if they came from the ORANGE (rim shot! ba-dum-dum), knocking any occupant BLUEward. All revenue from the collisions go to the arresting Policemarble.
Comment: Well there has to be some method of determining how a new arrival affects the existing Jailmarbles.
Decision: Accepted as modification to Marbles in Orange.
Move: Tivol moves Orange, to (-1,0).
Note: Sorry about the error in the timing - I was busy last time I updated and "missed" this proposal.

Proposal P102 (Death)

Proposal: The Emperor has 100 GC. Every time it accepts a proposal the State (which has an effectively infinite supply of money) pays it 3 GC. Every time it rejects a proposal it gains 1 GC. (The state is also responsible for giving out all rewards and collecting all penalties currently specified in the rules.) The Emperor moves as normal, up to three times per judging period, though it must always pay 1 GC to move, and may not take two of its movements between any two consecutive proposals. The Emperor is Buffed. The Emperor's current color is Violet. The Emperor may not submit proposals to itself, but if it becomes possible for any other body to judge proposals, the Emperor may submit proposals to it.
Comment: Slight problem with this proposal. If I accept it I win - after all the winner is the first marble to become VIOLET, right?
Decision: Rejected.
Move: Death pays to move 5 orange, to (0,0), clinking out TIE!

Proposal P103 (Brian Tivol)

Proposal: Laureates who get transported to the Imperial Small Mill are obviously hoping to be read, so when a marble is brought to that site by Rule 39, it is considered to be moving REDwardly.
Comment: Bad pun! No treat for you! Mind you, we badly need to clear up the hole.
Decision: Accepted. Modifies Poetry Publishing.
Move: Tivol moves Orange, to (-1,1).

Proposal P104 (Death)

Proposal: Whichever Marble occupies the Imperial Palace at the time of the receipt of a proposal shall judge it. Accepted submissions shall be made into rules as normal unless the Scribe honestly believes that the rule would create too much work. If the Scribe vetoes an accepted proposal the proposer gains all of the benefits of acceptance, but the proposal does not become a rule. The Scribe shall do the appropriate mail forwarding.
Comment: A nice way to introduce democracy, but then someone could get into the palace and propose their own rules to gain automatic acceptance. I'm sorry but there's just too much freedom in this proposal.
Decision: Rejected.
Move: Pays 3 to move Yellow, causing multiple clinks and thus ending up in the Jailyard, but not before clearing out the Angst at the Imperial Small Press.

Proposal P105 (James Blonde)

Proposal: Any marble speeding within 1 square of the imperial grounds is automatically spotted by the sharp eyes of the emperor and fined TWICE the usual speeding fine.
Comment: Well, if TIE can't stop the speeding who can?
Decision: Accepted as New Rule (Hawkeye).
Move: James Blonde moves Red, to (

Proposal P106 (Death)

Proposal: If this proposal is accepted, the Emperor's status shall be set to GREEN and Buffed.
Comment: Green! While you and Tivol are at least BLUE? Sorry, but an Emperor cannot really set an example inferior to that of his most advanced subjects.
Decision: Rejected.
Action: Death joins the IAA. Move: Death is towed 2 yellow, then pays to move 5 red, Paint Chipping to Blue (because of proposal failures) and then Indigo, and finishing at (5,-5)

Proposal P107 (Death)

Proposal: If, for any reason, a marble is to be moved to an occupied point and there is no other rule stating what is to happen in this case, the former occupant shall be displaced one space "Radially Outward". The Radially Outward direction shall be the direction that maximizes the marble's Euclidean Distance from the origin. If there are multiple directions that fit this description then the Radially Outward direction shall be the one of these that corresponds to the lowest status.
Comment: What's this? Logic in a Nomic game? Well, I guess it must have novelty value :-)
Decision: Accepted as new Rule (Default Displacement).
Move: Death moves 8 Yellow, costing him a fine for a Major Pileup.
Obstacle: Death places an ORANGE slingshot at (-4,4). However, somebody is already on the space, so to avoid potential rule conflicts I will reject this placement.

Proposal P108 (Brian Tivol)

Yes, rhyming is an easy feat,
A very simple thing to do.
It looks real cute and sounds real neat.
If I can do it so can you.
Success or none, you have to try
To slip your little poem in.
An Angst or Laurel has to lie
In your possession, now, to Win. 
Comment: I wish I could help you, but I know how hard it is to write decent poetry. Besides, your inclusion of Angst is redundant because no-one with angst may pass BLUE to reach VIOLET.
Decision: Rejected.
Move: Tivol moves INDIGO, to (-4,4). Sorry about the ISP, but Death did bump you. You in fact bump both Ed Graham and Death, so causing a Major Pileup and costing 3GC.

Proposal P109 (Brian Tivol)

Proposal: Now that TIE's physicality has been brought into the game by the infidel Death, it must be fully described. TIE is actually a lovely shade of VIOLET, shinier than any other seen to marble. Although his color may be changed by normal means (Paint Chips, the Hexagon), any loss of VIOLETness does not affect his role as a leader. However, before this fact it jotted down in the Score Sheet, it should be added to the rules (Rule 10, actually) that TIE may not be named The Exalted Winner. I mean, where's the fun in that?
Comment: Fair enough, now that is clearly defined.
Decision: Accepted as Amendment to The Rainbow Connection.
Move: Tivol moves Blue, to (-4,3).

Proposal P110 (Death)

Proposal: Now that the Emperor's substance has been properly defined, and since it has been displaced from its rightful place at the Center of the Universe, it seems only reasonable that the Emperor should be able to move. The Emperor may move one space per tick, immediately before the proposing marble.
Comment: Well, if I can't move, then what good is being TIE?
Decision: Accepted as Amendment to More Marble Movement.
Move: Death moves 2 Blue, to (-2,0).

Proposal P111 (Death)

Proposal: No marble may become The Exalted Winner until it makes a visit to The Imperial Palace.
Comment: All marbles started at the Imperial Palace, except for the very late entrants. This would only discriminate against them.
Decision: Rejected.
Move: Death pays to move 2 Red, to (0,0).

Proposal P112 (Brian Tivol)

Proposal: We all thought that the wall was keeping the Mongol Hordes out, but they've actually been incredibly busy with rubberized products. Reports say that in just ten ticks, the Mongol Hordes will have completed Marbzilla, a gigantic structure which they can control remotely.
Marbzilla acts like a collection of six Trampolines arranged to form a hexagon, creating a protective barrier around one hole in the middle. When Marbzilla moves, each of its seven constituent parts moves one hole in the same cardinal direction. It cannot have any of its seven holes coincident with an Obstacle, including its hollow center, although it can temporarily cover up a Location. When Marbzilla collides with us good marbles, we are bounced off its hide as if, from Marbzilla's frame or reference, we slammed into it.
The Mongol Hordes will control Marbzilla every five ticks, making it move in the direction which will cause the most *clink*s as long as that does not violate any other rule of its motion.
Our strategists only have three vague ideas about how to possibly stop Marbzilla: If one of our marbles could somehow get into the hollow center, our scientists predict that that marble could then gain control of Marbzilla and then, rather than move around by himself, it could steer Marbzilla around. Scientists also believe that if Marbzilla is ever held still, either by a pilot's inaction or by there being no legal moves, then Marbzilla will simply fall apart into little rubber scraps.
Comment: Just one question - how does Marbzilla get into our land, when there is currently no way to cross the Great Wall (being an unbroken row of Obstacles)? Besides, I can't have an invasion of a ruthless Marbzilla frighten my marbles!
Decision: Rejected.
Move: Tivol (Tefloned) moves Red to (-3,3), earning one Clink. He pays 5GC to eliminate an Angst, and earns 4GC by selling a Laurel.

Proclamation P113 (TIE)

Due to the lack of anybody having proposals Ignored, the office of Advocate is hereby abolished and the Rule More Office Holders is repealed.

Proposal P114 (Brian Tivol)

Proposal: Fabulously Bouncy Ingeneers now have at their disposal the ability to create a rubber Mat. Lying on the ground, a rubber Mat is stretched so tautly that any marble who passes over it is immediately vaulted into the air and lands two holes away from the Mat _without passing through the hole inbetween_. Marbles hit by falling Mat-launched marbles only move one hole, as per any normal collision. (A GREENwardly travelling marble that runs into a Mat will be launched GREENwardly.)
Comment: Well, it's just another option that the FBI can use.
Decision: Accepted. Modifies It's the Feds.
Move: Tivol moves Blue, to (-3,2), clinking Kati and Jay.

Proposal P115 (Brian Tivol)

Proposal: Previously just a landmark pointing in one of the cardinal directions, the Big Red Post has now become the site of a business venture. For a mere 1 GC, marbles can buy a stick of gum, chew it a bit, blow a bubble, and climb inside the hollow gooey sphere. (Although an unusual method, this counts as a coating.) Anyone coated in gum can coast a little longer, getting one extra hole of movement per tick. This extra hole is tacked on after all other coatings take effect. (So a marble with grease and gum moves 3 holes per tick, not 4.)
Comment: I know that the ads used in the USA aren't the same as those here in Australia, as I don't get the hidden reference. However, I can't see how chewing gum will speed up a marble - I would have thought it slowed them down. As the proposal is contradictory to common sense, I can't really accept it.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P116 (Brian Tivol)

Proposal: Although he can clearly move as frequently as he wants (as well as perform more powerful actions), if TIE were to move once per four ticks, we players would consider it fair.
Comment: If TIE can move as frequently as he wants, then why does More Marble Movement specify a maximum speed of one unit per tick? Indeed, if that specification is already made, and seems reasonable, I can't see why I ought to change it.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P117 (James Blonde)

Proposal: Any player whose co-ordinates and point score form a pythagorean triad will become a Mathematician and gain 2 gold coins.
Comment: Point Score? What point score? Check the scoresheet and try again.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P118 (Death)

Proposal: That The Big Tick be relaxed to allow this rule: If a week passes after an update in which no more than two distinct players make submissions, all players who did make submissions rise by one color. If this causes a marble or group of marbles to be Violet, that marble or group of marbles shall win.
Comment: Why put in the if? As soon as no more than two players make submissions then a week will pass sometime after that anyway.
Decision: Accepted, with week wait removed. Amends Rainbow Connection, hence bypassing Big Tick.

Proposal P119 (Ken Spaeth)

Proposal: Any object the color of blue that gets within five feet of the Imperial Nomic shall be burt after 21 hours of contact.
Comment: I barely get one update every few days now, besides, what will being burt do to a marble, and how do coordinates relate to feet? Sorry but there are too many holes in this proposal for it to do anything.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P120 (Brian Tivol)

Proposal: Great news from the scientific community! Early religious beliefs that there was some VIOLET direction of travel totally perpendicular to the board have been disproved by our aero/astro scientists. Such a model would allow for a cross-section of our space along the RED and VIOLET axes to have a horribly square lattice as opposed to the nice hexagonal ones we have on the board. It messed up their equations beyond measure, and it also disturbed the physicists by implying something unique about our board's orientation.
Aided by mathematicians, our aero/astro group has determined that our space is hexagonal-close-packed with holes.
But what meaning does this have for us marbles? Cartographers and commuters don't have to worry; aerospace technology doesn't predict any sort of three-dimensional travel for at least a hundred ticks. In fact, we may never live long enough to see the effects of such a discovery.
However, it has reinstilled in the community our incredible pride and patriotism for our hexagonal way of life. In fact, this nationalism has grown to such an extent that any player who seems (in TIE's eye) to be in favor of Cartesian coordinates, right angles, or other such square-lattice-related things will be considered an outcast from society and earn one Angst. The only socially acceptable mention of such square-related topics in a proposal is to point out where they exist in the ruleset in order to change them.
Comment: The only problem is that my coordinate system is basically Cartesian on a slant. TIE may be slightly crazy, but not enough to give himself an Angst. Sorry.
Decision: Rejected.

Proposal P121 (Death)

Proposal: The Imperial Automobile Association has been noticing that the Insurance business is actually what's been attracting most of their customers. They've decided to leverage on the foothold they have in the industry and start a new division, the Imperial Insurance Agency. They are offering several plans:
Comment: So the basic idea is to save yourself from getting reduced levels while you're trying so hard to gain them as well? Well, I guess that while money might buy you coatings, it needs to be used for a little more.
Decision: Accepted as new rule: Imperial Insurance Agency.
Move: Death moves 8 Orange, to (0,8), repeatedly clinking TIE, but because Hawkeye is overruled by Marbles in Orange, there is no fine payable.

Proposal P122 (Brian Tivol)

Proposal: A small Coffee Shop has been established at (-4,-1), where marbles can drop by for a cup o' joe. For just 1 Gold Coin, marbles can buy and immediately drink a great big blooter of a cup of coffee, providing the marble with a Caffiene Buzz. The Buzz lasts five ticks, and makes the marble incredibly twitchy. A Buzzed marble will automatically move one hole out of the way of an oncoming marble, avoiding collisions. The jittery move will be randomly selected from the four primary directions that are not along the path of the oncoming marble. Such a move may cause other collisions; money and liability for these collisions rests on the Buzzed marble.
Comment: I'm afraid that keeping track of jitteriness for five ticks at a time is probably a bit too much work to do - as well as the bonus randomness. Besides, how the hell do marbles drink coffee? Marbles got hands and mouths?
Decision: Rejected.
Move: Tivol (Tefloned) moves Blue, to (-3,1), and clinks Kati and Jay.

Proposal P123 (Bryan Capps)

Proposal : New players start at the Palace (0,0),and are offered payment of 10 coins.
Comment: Well, we do need some consistency for the newbies.
Decision: Accepted. Amends Location, Location, Location.

Proposal P124 (Death)

Proposal: If a marble is ever transported in a directionless manner to a hole that contains another marble, and there is no special allowance in the rules for this event (such as the automatic ORANGEwardness in "Marbles in Orange", or the swapping in "Bill"), then the previous occupant is moved directionlessly by one hole in the direction that places it closest to the Imperial Palace. If there are multiple directions that place the marble equally close to the Imperial Palace, the one with the lowest status is used.
(Note: Examples were included but are left out here for brevity.)
Comment: Well, this clears up the situation, so I really don't have much choice but to accept it.
Decision: ACCEPTED. Death WINS!


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