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Coming Clean

Now is the time to come clean, and credit my sources: Over The Edge : Genesis was based almost entirely on the novel The Genesis Code By Robert Case. Its a fairly run of the mill thriller I picked up at a train station a few years back, but tis structure makes it ideal for running as an RPG - as well as having a story which fits my interests quite well.


The year is 2001. So far, no monoliths have been found on the moon. Al'Amarja however is gearing up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the popular uprising which brought about the overthrowing of facist sympathiser Monique D'Aubainne and brought peace and independence to the mediteranian island.

For your family things are looking better. Karen recently won the lottery and purchased a luxery house on Al'Amarja so that she could move there, and along with her 6 year old son Joe, look after Grandpapa Joseph. Since Christmas is coming she has offered to pay for all the family to come out and enjoy a huge party.

Its the sort of feel good, happy, smiley smiley situation which couldn't possibly end up in tragedy caused, in part, by religious sects, ancient wisdom, dark secrets, mysterious strangers, mad scientists, murder, arson and absolutely no sexual tension.

Or could it?

Your characters will all be members of the Brooke family, as described the family tree looks like this:

 Grandpapa Joseph Brooke (92) = Grandmama Eileen Brooke (91 dec'd)                   
     .------------------.     |-------------------------------------.------------------------------------.
(?)=(?)      (dec'd) Marge = William (dec'd)                      George(71) = Louisa (53)               (?) = (?)
   |	    .-----------------|------------------.-----------.              |---------------.               |
Alistair   Dave (42) (?)=Karen Brooke (dec'd)  Thomas(31)    Tim          Felipe (28)     Jenny(20)  Jeremy Brooke (36)
                      Joe Brooke(dec'd)

Character generation

Your characters should, ideally, be added to the tree. - a few notes: I'm happy for people to play other people who might be attending this family reunion - IF you can come up with a good reason. I would prefer people, where possible to be reasonably close relatives - so try to avoid in-laws, unless they are married to other PCs if you possibly can.

The Brooke family (or Karen ,her parents and eileen) come from London, naturally it is quite likely others of you have moved apart - maybe even emigrated to other countries.

OTE charcters are described in terms of 4 traits

A major trait
2 side traits
1 Flaw

An example

major trait :
MI6 operative - knowledge about espionage etc, fighting, gun combat etc

side traits:
Recognised in hotels, bars etc: always get good service and drinks mixed correctly
Natural charm: keeps you cool in tight situations, helps attract members of the opposite sex

Rash - tendency to blow up expensive government equipment, and put yourself in danger due to not thinking the consequences of your actions through

(this character could also have had flaw - was played by timothy dalton for 2 films, I suppose)

Erm, I think thats it. Characters in Over the edge tend to be a little over the top (so secret agents and occultists good, secretaries and lawyers bad), and should always have dark secrets that noone else knows. Interesting backgrounds mean future stories will be more likely to involve you (and are thus good)