A priest sits in a confessional booth, listening. At first he appears bored, maybe even slightly irritated. Gradually his eyes widen. He wipes sweat from his brow. Iritation changes to disbelief and then fear. The priest checks his watch. Runs from the booth. Hails a passing car and gets inside.

Darkness. A hillside and large building can just about be seen. Suddenly everything is bathed in light as a explosion wrips through the building. The sounds of glass smashing, fire alarms ringing, masonary falling fills the air.

Silloetted against the flames, a lone figure runs away

The interior of an office. A man sits alone at his desk, a look of grim resignation upon his face, as removal men gradually pack the offices fixtures and fittings into plastic crates. He picks up a letter from his desk, opens the envelope and scans the contents. Resignation changes to shock. He rereads the letter.

Something falls from the envelope to the floor - he picks it up, examines it and places it in his pocket

"Oh fuck" he mutters to himself

Karen sits in her large, fairly sparsely furnished living room. Joe runs around with a toy aeroplane. The telephone rings

"Karen Brooke?"
"Oh Jeremy, good to hear from you, how are things?"
"Thats a... Yeah... Look, you'll have to try to come out here some other time"
"Yeah... no problem..."

She puts the phone down.

"Looks like Jeremy's room is going to be free" she mutters to herself. Gradually the disappointment fades from her face; Karen has had an idea. She picks the phone up again and dials a number

"Hi Rupert, its Karen"
"...well - look the reason I rang is I'm having a party for my family, and, well, theres a spare room in my house. I wondered if..."
"You would? That'll be great! I cant wait for you to meet them"
"Oh. No. Of course not. Not unless you decide you want to"
"See you in a few weeks then"

The priest, his cloths dirty and tatters sits on a bench inside the Vatican. He walks inside a building, approaches a desk, where he is turned away. His face shows both resignation and an internal spark of determination. As he turns away a door opens behind him. A amn in offical garb shouts something in Italian. The priest turns and enters.


Karen fusses over Joe, ensuring he puts his coat on and ties his shoelaces. She leads him into a waiting limo which heads off towards the airport


Silhoetted atop an imposing church we see two figures struggling. There is the sound of gunshot and one figure falls


A Hospital. Grandpa Joseph is sitting up in bed. A woman speaks to him

"Mr Brooke... I've spoken to the doctor and it looks like you'll be able to go home in time for the party. I've arrange things so that your physiotherapist will drop in from time to time and make sure you're doing your exercises"


"Celebrity Survivor : SKY have taken 10 well known faces and left them to fend for themselves in the heart of the Amazon - with no way of contacting - or being contacted by - civilization. Will Robert Kilroy-Silk be able to deal with the natives? Will David Gower manage to catch any fish? How will Mel and Sue deal with a diet of insects? How many minutes will it take before everyone decides to vote Jeremy Brooke out of the jungle?

Find out on SKY at 8pm every Monday"