Over the Edge

Character Descriptions

Introduction Characters

Dave Brooke

Age: 42
Job: London Taxi Driver
Home: London
Brief Description:
Dave is a bit of a car fanatic, a former auto-mechanic, he now drives his Taxi for a living, and looks after his Jag in his spare time. A quiet, easy going sort of guy, people seem to find it easy to talk to Dave... if nothing else, his run of bad luck makes others feel lucky in comparison.

Rather unusually, people Dave bears a striking reseblance to Harvey Keitel, and is often stopped in the street by people mistaking him for the Hollywood star.

You suspect Karen's big brother is the sibling she is closest too.


Job: Independently wealthy, looking after Grandpapa and Joe, Attempting to write a novel
Home: Al'Amarja Brief Description:
Karen is the sensible one in the family. To be honest you were suprised to find she even bought lottery tickets ("I just had a feeling" she has said) Karen doesn't make many friends, prefering family and a quiet life. She has never been in a steady relationship, and you don't know who Joe's father is.


Age: 28
Job: Unknown. Last heard of travelling / playing the guitar
Home: Unknown. Last heard of in South America
Brief Description:
Noone has heard from cousin Felipe for a long time. The last anyone was aware, Felipe had taken a flight to somewhere in south america to find himself and go travelling. Filipe sent letts home for a couple of years, but even these ceased in the spring of 1995. What you remember of Philippe mainly is his skill as a musician, and the dark moods and fits of depression he had as a child.

George David "Cutter" Brooke

Age: 71
Job: Football Supremo
Home: Al'Amarja
Brief Description:
Famous throughout the island, George is the head of Al'Amarja's FA and coach of the national football team, who recently announced their arrival on the world scene with a 4-1 win over Malta. Awarded honourary citizenship for his heroic role in the revolution he has lived on the island since the 1950s. His RAF nickname of "cutter" belied his graceful wing play."

Thomas Brooke

Age: 31
Job: Ex-Founder chairman CEO and chief engineer of alamarja.net
Home: A nice flat in Al'Amarja, the rent on which is paid up until the end of the month.
Slightly shy, withdrawn and studious, Dave left a well paid electronics job to move to Alamarja and set up a risky free ISP venture, which has just collapsed. Noone's really sure why he did this, though there are rumours that he wanted to do something different and more exciting, and moreover was was trying to get away from his girlfriend. No one is sure what he plans to do next, least of all him.

Jeremy Brooke

Age: 36
Job: Childrens' Television Presenter
Home: London Brief Description:
BrookesBrookeitsawordassociationgamewhereyourenotallowedhesitationrepetition rdeviationifyoudoyougointhebrookelikethisKa-splosh!orlikethisKa-splosh!youve otthreeminutesandyourwordtostartonis... Kid's TV Presenter. Jeremy left university with a doctorate in rheology, and floundered in the real world until a stroke of luck got him a job working in Childrens TV. Jeremy's light-heartedness and childish sense of humour made him the ideal presenter for Sky 1's saturday children's show. He now presents heartfelt ecological pieces on far-flung sunny countries in brightly-coloured shorts and hawaiian shirts; then dunks a host of 5 to 7 year olds in coloured goo.

Jeremy is considered irritating and annoying by almost everyone over the age of ten that meets him

Grandpapa Joseph

Age: 92
Job: Retired
Home: Al'Amarja
Brief Description:
Old now, and spending more and more time in hospital, Grandpapa has seen most of his life. Yet when Grandpapa is well, there is still a lot of life in him. A civil servant and ambassador in his working life, Grandpapa retired to Al'Amarja with Grandmama Eileen, where they spent many blissful years until she died last year. Grandpapa often talks of his adventures in both world wars (he never was one to let maths get in the way of a good story). It has occured to many of you that there is probably a good book waiting to be written about some of Grandpapa's more way out stories