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2016-08-09 Mark WoodingRelease 1.1.6. master 1.1.6
2016-08-09 Mark Woodingdebian, Makefile: Switch to Debhelper 8, and fix.
2016-08-09 Mark WoodingUse `auto-version' for discovering the package version.
2016-08-09 Mark WoodingMakefile: Build Tcl extensions with `-fPIC'.
2016-08-09 Mark WoodingMakefile: Use lowercase `distdir'.
2016-08-09 Mark Wooding.gitignore: Rename from `.cvsignore' and fix.
2016-08-09 Mark WoodingMostly style cleanups and commentary.
2016-08-09 Mark Woodingvec.c: Explicitly strip constness: we know this one...
2014-08-15 Mark Woodingdebian/: Update for later Tcl versions and policy confo...
2006-02-08 Mark Woodinginfra: Add a copy of the GPL.
2006-02-06 mdwHighly compressed world-summary strings.
2006-02-06 mdwelite-path: Start counting hops at zero.
2006-02-06 mdwdebian: Fix maintainer address.
2004-09-23 mdwFix output formatting a little.
2004-09-22 mdwOoops. Fix changelog file so it's actually correct. 1.1.5
2004-09-22 mdwAdd elite-tantalus. Add a developer guide.
2004-09-11 mdwRemove CVS cruft.
2003-11-29 mdwDebianization.
2003-03-24 mdwIgnore my underyling commander file. 1.1.4
2003-03-24 mdwVersion bump.
2003-03-18 mdwDistribute .def files. 1.1.3
2003-03-18 mdwNew .def files for Windows users.
2003-03-18 mdwAttempt at NT build system.
2003-03-18 mdwVersion bump.
2003-03-18 mdwSpace out dialogues a bit more. Fix a few bugs. Allow...
2003-03-13 mdwVarious minor fixes. 1.1.2
2003-03-11 mdwAnd then screwed the code over...
2003-03-11 mdwMissed off legal status\!
2003-03-11 mdwVersion bump.
2003-03-10 mdwPrint seed -- it's useful.
2003-03-10 mdwLate fix for new interface.
2003-03-10 mdwFix nonexistent planet error. Make staying put cost...
2003-03-10 mdwFix single point TSP.
2003-03-09 mdwImprove elite-prices a lot. 1.1.1
2003-03-09 mdwAdd patterns for printing attributes in elite-cmdr.
2003-03-08 mdwFix unsigned crapness in travelling-salesman solver.
2003-03-07 mdwVersion bump.
2003-03-07 mdwWhoops. Missed off the new script.
2003-03-07 mdwLots of new files. 1.1.0
2003-03-07 mdwDocument all of the upheaval.
2003-03-07 mdwSolver for the Travelling Salesman Problem.
2003-03-07 mdwA multidimensional vector/matrix type which is updateab...
2003-03-07 mdwGraph theory functions.
2003-03-07 mdwMove adjacency map stuff to C for performance reasons...
2003-03-07 mdwMove adjacency map stuff to C for performance reasons.
2003-03-07 mdwTrack Elite package interface change. Fix bug which...
2003-03-07 mdwTrack Elite package interface change. Allow configurab...
2003-03-07 mdwTrack Elite package interface change.
2003-03-04 mdwVersion bump. 1.0.3
2003-03-04 mdwMake the fuel metric be lightyears, not decilightyears...
2003-03-04 mdwAccumulate totals and print running totals down the...
2003-03-04 mdwFixes to elite-path and elite-editor. Describe install...
2003-03-03 mdwDisallow coinicident planet choice. 1.0.2
2003-03-03 mdwAllow C-u to erase an entry box. Disallow coinicident...
2003-03-02 mdwVersion bump.
2003-03-02 mdwAdd `-jameson' option.
2003-03-01 mdwWhoops.
2003-03-01 mdwNew elite-cmdr tool.
2003-02-26 mdwFix `ave-' to `avg-' in economy names. What was I... 1.0.1
2003-02-26 mdwOverhaul. Allow larger chunks of the galaxy to be...
2003-02-26 mdwVarious enhancements. Describe elite-prices and new...
2003-02-26 mdwVersion bump.
2003-02-26 mdwComplete rewrite to not be crap.
2003-02-26 mdwOptionally provide full information about matching...
2003-02-26 mdwPrevent unneceessary recomputation of adjacency maps.
2003-02-25 mdwVariable fuel range for connectivity map and pathfinder. 1.0.0
2003-02-25 mdwIgnore distribution files better.
2003-02-25 mdwAdd an Id line.
2003-02-25 mdwDistribute elite.tcl. Duh.
2003-02-24 mdwInitial import.