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2009-12-15 Matthew Vernonnew trout from rjk
2009-12-03 Matthew Vernonnew trout from rejs
2009-11-05 Matthew Vernonnew trouts from Emperor and rjk (inspired by the Czech...
2009-10-29 Matthew Vernontrout from rejs
2009-10-29 Matthew Vernontrouts from pm215 and Emperor
2009-10-29 Matthew Vernonnew trout from rejs
2009-10-28 Matthew Vernonnew trout from chelgrian
2009-10-28 Matthew Vernonnew trout from rejs
2009-10-04 Matthew Vernonnew slashes from rejs
2009-09-30 Matthew Vernonremove trailing .s from trouts and flirts (so the grass...
2009-09-30 Matthew Vernonnew slash from rejs
2009-09-30 Matthew Vernonnew trout from jpmg
2009-09-18 Matthew Vernontrout from rjk
2009-09-17 Matthew Vernonnew slash from rejs
2009-09-17 Matthew Vernonslashes from rejs
2009-09-17 Matthew Vernonslashes from rejs
2009-09-07 Matthew Vernonnew slash
2009-08-27 Matthew Vernonreflect new location of {flirts,trouts,slashes} files
2009-08-20 Matthew Vernonnote new script
2009-08-20 Matthew Vernonnotes about use of git for Servus
2009-08-20 Matthew Vernona script to git-pull and update-server-info (for use...
2009-08-20 Matthew Vernonadded trout from rejs
2009-08-20 Matthew Vernoncorrect typo (spotted by rejs)
2009-08-20 Matthew Vernonnew trout from rejs
2009-08-19 Matthew Vernonnew trouts from anon
2009-08-11 Matthew Vernonadded trouts from jpmg and snow
2009-08-07 Matthew Vernontry and screen-scrap a bit better; correct the regexp...
2009-08-07 Matthew Vernontry and screen-scrap a bit better
2009-08-07 Matthew Vernonuse for definitions
2009-08-07 Matthew Vernonadd documentation for the define command
2009-08-07 Matthew Vernonfrob define to match the new google output manner
2009-08-07 Matthew Vernoncorrect syntax in define command
2009-08-07 Matthew Vernoncorrect gendering of Seruvus
2009-08-06 Matthew Vernoncorrect doctype
2009-08-06 Matthew Vernonupdate web-page to show where source can be got via git
2009-08-06 Matthew Vernonadd the help command back to #chiarks servus instance...
2009-08-05 Matthew VernonAdd servus.html from ~/public_html/irc
2009-08-05 Ian JacksonAdd .gitignore for .pyc and *~
2009-08-05 Ian JacksonRemove zen as not found in bot/
2009-08-05 Ian JacksonDelete ~-files and other leftover junk
2009-08-05 Ian JacksonFound in /home/matthew/programming/irc/bot - live versi...
2009-08-05 Ian JacksonFound in rapun:/home/matthew/programming/irc; only...
2009-07-30 matthewadd trout (popular acclaim)
2009-07-23 matthewremove trout by popular request
2009-05-19 matthewmodification of anon trout by pm215
2009-05-19 matthewnew trout by anon
2009-03-26 matthewnew flirt from chelgrian
2009-03-03 matthewnew trout from Angoel
2008-10-14 matthewnew trout (idea by Emperor, enhanced by crazyscot,...
2008-10-08 matthewadded trout from rejs (improved by rjk)
2008-10-03 matthewedit ascii-art trout by popular request
2008-08-29 matthewedit trout by popular acclaim
2008-07-18 matthewnew slash from ceb
2008-07-18 matthewflirts from ceb
2008-07-18 matthewflirts from anon
2008-07-18 matthewtrout from rjk
2008-07-18 matthewflirt from ceb
2008-07-18 matthewascii-art flirt
2008-07-18 matthewnew ascii-art trout
2008-06-18 matthewtrout from rejs
2008-04-10 matthewadd flagellation to the flirts list (at suggestion...
2008-04-07 matthewtrouts from col/Diziet
2008-03-13 matthewadd new trout
2008-03-11 matthewremove rickroll trout, by popular demand
2008-02-27 matthewnew trout from rjk
2008-02-11 matthewtrout by rjk (edited by emperor)
2008-02-07 matthewrevised trout by Diziet
2008-02-07 matthewtrout suggested by Diziet
2008-01-21 matthewone new slash
2007-12-04 matthewone more trout
2007-08-21 matthewadd a new trout
2007-06-21 matthewtrouts from anon
2007-05-15 matthewnew trout
2007-04-10 matthewcorrect spelling of Niagara Falls
2007-02-23 matthewnew slash from mcv21
2007-02-02 matthewtrout from crazyscot
2005-11-09 matthewone more idea from anon
2005-10-17 matthewtrouts from rjk
2005-10-13 matthewone more from rjk
2005-09-16 matthewremove a crap one
2005-09-16 matthewslashes from rjk
2005-09-16 matthewslashes from lark
2005-09-15 matthewthe products of larks twisted imagination
2005-09-15 matthewsome starting slashes
2005-06-13 matthewtrout from rjk
2005-05-31 matthewnew trout from mcv21
2004-12-10 matthewflirt from mole
2004-12-10 matthewtrouts from mole and rejs pp rjk
2004-12-10 matthewmore trouts from anon and one from me :)
2004-06-01 matthewremoved crap shoes trout
2004-03-05 matthewre-word trout
2004-01-06 matthewnew trouts from anon
2003-12-16 matthewcorrect typo, and new trout from vicky
2003-08-06 matthewtrouts from Vicky Clarke
2002-11-18 matthewNew trouts, and update the flirts to fix a typo
2002-10-17 matthewFlirts and trouts from Ross Younger
2002-10-06 matthewno more flirty trouts
2002-10-06 matthewnew dobbing message for flirt
2002-10-04 matthewmore flirts from Kate and removed a duplicate one too
2002-10-03 matthewcorrect thinko so we dont load flirst into self.trouts