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2009-08-05 Ian JacksonFound in rapun:/home/matthew/programming/irc; only...
2002-10-06 matthewnew dobbing message for flirt
2002-10-03 matthewcorrect thinko so we dont load flirst into self.trouts
2002-10-02 matthewadded flirt functionality
2002-02-11 matthewRemoved last print entries
2002-02-07 matthewadd the 'reload' command to the list output
2002-02-07 matthewmore trouts; also make the telling chance only 10%...
2002-02-07 matthewAdded the 'list' command
2002-02-06 matthewCorrect our logic so we work with non-integer numbers...
2002-02-06 matthewgoogle now talks to the channel if it finds a page
2002-02-06 matthewMore idiomatic version of the above change
2002-02-06 matthewMake the telling-on-you message be on the same line
2002-02-06 matthewFixed public-command handling code so we know our calle...
2002-02-06 matthewadded quota functionality, and removed disconnect
2002-02-03 matthewHopefully CVS will not eat this change...
2002-02-03 matthewCVS stuff works now
2002-02-03 matthewImproved CVS magic stuff - maybe it will build this...
2002-02-03 matthewCVS version magic
2002-02-03 matthewCopyright tidyup and add version magic
2002-02-03 matthewimproved trout functionality
2002-02-03 matthewFirst hacked version