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2007-11-04 henrich-guest - add Japanese translation (developer-duties.po) by...
2007-09-17 debacleUpdate Japanese translation by Hideki Yamane (thanks!),
2007-07-11 debacleFixed comments in Makefile.
2007-07-01 debacleNow everything builds. Translators needed!
2007-07-01 debacleFixed remaining entities.
2007-06-30 debacleFixed all examples, fixed many (not all, yet) entities.
2007-06-27 debaclefop needs some parameters.
2007-06-27 debaclegit-svn-id: svn://
2007-06-27 debaclehtml, txt, and pdf do build for en, fr, and ja.
2007-06-27 debacleRe-applied comments from SGML source to the DocBook...
2007-06-27 debacleadd some spaces between attributes, sidestepping #430792.
2007-06-27 debacleMore realistic dependencies, close bugs.
2007-06-27 debacle"make developers-reference.{html,pdf,txt}" should work now
2007-06-26 debacleFirst files for developers-reference in DocBook XML