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Synchronised with 1.72 (no real change needed, updated french version number)
[developers-reference.git] / developers-reference.ja.sgml
2001-06-21 aphprovide proper l10n for SGML date entities; now we...
2001-04-13 aphutilize orphan-address
2001-04-08 aphmore purging of url-pkg-manual references
2001-04-08 aphexpunge some references to url-pkg-manual; this version...
2001-01-22 aphdisable some references to files which no longer exist
2000-01-07 y-endoImproved translation (thanks Seiji Kaneko).
1999-10-28 y-endoImproved translation (thanks Seiji Kaneko and Hiroshi...
1999-10-04 y-endoInitial translation.