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fsckd: simplify code a bit
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2015-03-09 Lennart Poetteringfsckd: simplify code a bit
2015-03-09 Lennart Poetteringfsckd: make use of safe_close()'s return value
2015-03-09 Lennart Poetteringbuild-sys: add one more Makefile symlink
2015-03-09 Lennart Poetteringimportd: add API for exporting container/VM images
2015-03-09 Lennart Poetteringudev: use inttypes.h types wherever appropriate
2015-03-09 Lennart Poetteringtree-wide: use _packed_ macro instead of raw gcc __attr...
2015-03-09 Tom Gundersenudevd: close race in udev settle
2015-03-09 Michael Olbrichmissing.h: add NDA_*
2015-03-09 Torstein HusebøFix typos
2015-03-08 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... sd-journal: return error when we cannot open a file
2015-03-08 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... journalctl: update hint now that we set ACL everywhere
2015-03-07 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... bus: fix leak in error path
2015-03-07 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... systemctl: remove dead check
2015-03-07 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... core/load-fragment: safe_close() protects errno
2015-03-07 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... libsystemd-terminal: use at most LOG_ERR for XKB errors
2015-03-07 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... login: fix copy-pasto in error path
2015-03-07 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... nspawn: fix use-after-free and leak in error paths
2015-03-07 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... core/dbus-manager: remove dead check
2015-03-07 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... bus-util: remove stray errno assignment
2015-03-07 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... networkctl: avoid leak if a field was specified twice
2015-03-07 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... machine: do not rely on asprintf setting arg on error
2015-03-07 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... v4l_id: use standard option parsing loop
2015-03-07 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... shared/machine-pool: remove unnecessary check
2015-03-07 Ivan Shapovalovsysusers: do not reject users with already present...
2015-03-07 Ivan Shapovalovfirstboot: set all spwd fields to -1 for consistency...
2015-03-07 Ivan Shapovalovcore: do not spawn jobs or touch other units during...
2015-03-07 Shawn Landdenadjust for time spent in timedated even without dbus...
2015-03-06 Jan Engelhardtvconsole: match on vtcon events, not fbcon ones
2015-03-06 David Herrmannlogin: make hold-off timeout configurable
2015-03-05 Lennart Poetteringmachinectl: minor --help text improvements
2015-03-05 Martin Pitttmpfiles: Fix handling of duplicate lines
2015-03-05 Jay Faulknernspawn: Map all seccomp filters to capabilities
2015-03-05 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... build-sys: generate CLEANFILES from EXTRA_DIST
2015-03-05 Hannes ReineckeAllow up to 4096 simultaneous connections
2015-03-05 Hannes ReineckeRemove the cap on epoll events
2015-03-05 John Paul Adrian... Use correct uname identifiers in arch_map for SuperH...
2015-03-04 Lennart Poetteringimportd: add new bus calls for importing local tar...
2015-03-04 Lennart Poetteringpull: improve --help text
2015-03-04 Lennart Poetteringimport: split out compression logic, so that we can...
2015-03-04 Lennart Poetteringimport: rename download code from "import" to "pull"
2015-03-04 Thomas Hallersd-dhcp6-client: delay setting the DUID and don't fail...
2015-03-04 Jan Janssennetworkd: Make DHCP client ID creation configurable
2015-03-04 Tom Gundersennetworkd: netdev - inform when we take over an existing...
2015-03-04 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... shared/util: assume ac when /sys/class/power_supply...
2015-03-04 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... Do not advertise .d snippets over main config file
2015-03-03 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... bus-proxyd: avoid logging oom twice
2015-03-03 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... fsck: remove unnecessary check
2015-03-03 Hans-Peter Deifeltmpfiles: quietly ignore ACLs on unsupported filesystems
2015-03-02 Lennart Poetteringimportd: automatically grow /var/lib/machines/ loopback...
2015-03-02 Lennart Poetteringsd-daemon: replace VLA with alloca(), to make llvm...
2015-03-02 Lennart Poetteringimport: add support for gpg2 for verifying imported...
2015-03-02 Lennart Poetteringmachined: also set up /var/lib/machines as btrfs, if...
2015-03-02 Cristian Rodríguezjournal: fix Inappropriate ioctl for device on ext4
2015-03-02 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... journal-remote: fix saving of binary fields
2015-03-02 Lennart Poetteringmachinectl: update --help text to clarify that set...
2015-03-02 Lennart Poetteringimportd: take a lock while we set up /var/lib/machines/
2015-03-02 Lennart Poetteringimportd: split out setup logic for /var/lib/machines...
2015-03-02 Lennart Poetteringcore: expose consumed CPU time per unit
2015-03-02 Daniel Macksd-bus: sync kdbus.h (ABI break)
2015-03-01 Kay Sieversboot: efi - ignore .conf snippets starting with "auto-"
2015-03-01 Kay Sieversboot: efi - remove a couple of Loader* variables
2015-03-01 Umut Tezduyar Lindskogcore: downgrade unit type not supported message
2015-03-01 Cristian Rodríguezshared: AFS is also a network filesystem
2015-03-01 Benjamin Franzkemachined: use x-machine-unix prefix for the container...
2015-02-28 Thomas Hindoe Paab... core: fix return value on OOM
2015-02-28 Lennart Poetteringcore: rework device state logic
2015-02-27 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... bootctl: avoid NULL pointer dereference
2015-02-27 Ivan Shapovalovuser-sessions: move into own subdir and build independe...
2015-02-27 Daniel Mackshared/condition: fix gcc5 warning
2015-02-27 Alin Rautanetworkd: add support for Uplink Failure Detection
2015-02-27 Marcel Holtmannboot: efi - fix missing include
2015-02-27 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... sysctl: downgrade message about sysctl overrides to...
2015-02-26 Tom Gundersensd-rtnl: types - fix check for unsupported type
2015-02-26 Tom Gundersensd-rtnl: types - don't assert_return in private API
2015-02-26 Kay Sieversboot: efi - remove custom splash support
2015-02-26 Kay Sieversboot: efi - split graphics and splash handling
2015-02-26 Kay Sieversboot: efi - support embedded splash image
2015-02-26 Lucas De Marchicore: emit changes for NFailedUnits property
2015-02-26 Colin Waltersunit: When stopping due to BindsTo=, log which unit...
2015-02-26 Shawn Landdentimedated: when performing "SetTime" compensate for...
2015-02-26 Kay Sieversboot: efi - print generic error message if we fail...
2015-02-26 Kay Sieversboot: efi - remove default boot splash handling
2015-02-25 Lennart Poetteringmachined: if /var/lib/machines is backed by a loop...
2015-02-25 Thomas Hindoe Paab... bootctl: check that partition uuid is valid
2015-02-25 Lennart Poetteringunit: use weaker dependencies between mount and device...
2015-02-25 Lennart Poetteringnspawn: make kill signal to use for PID 1 configurable
2015-02-25 Lennart Poetteringmachined,machinectl: add calls for changing container...
2015-02-25 Michal Schmidtjournal: make skipping of exhausted journal files effec...
2015-02-25 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... po: simplify one sentence
2015-02-25 Aaro Koskinensystemd: add getrandom syscall numbers for MIPS
2015-02-25 Aaro Koskinenbootchart: svg: fix checking of list end
2015-02-24 Thomas Hindoe Paab... bootctl: fix mem leaks
2015-02-24 Thomas Hindoe Paab... machined: fix check if host directory could be opened
2015-02-24 Thomas Hindoe Paab... acl-util: avoid freeing uninitialized pointer
2015-02-24 Lennart Poetteringimportd: enable btrfs quota in /var/lib/machines, if...
2015-02-24 Lennart Poetteringmachined/machinectl: when "machinectl image-status...
2015-02-24 Cristian Rodríguezshared: fix wrong assertion in barrier_set_role()
2015-02-24 Lennart Poetteringmachined: actually open up methods to unprivileged...
2015-02-24 Lennart Poetteringimportd: create a loopback btrfs file system for /var...
2015-02-24 Lennart Poetteringid128: add new sd_id128_is_null() call