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Linux on net4501

Root Filesystem

The root filesystem is generated by the ./build script. The script will create a directory in /tmp and into this directory it will:

There are two symbolic links that you must fix up by hand: kernel/linux and RPMS. These should point the linux kernel source tree and a directory of Red Hat RPMS respectively. If you are using the Red Hat CDs, you only need the RPMS from disc 1. If you are downloading them, just get the ones you need.

Red Hat have broken --excludepath again, which is why unnecessary files need to be deleted after the package is installed. The space is mainly consumed by locale, gconv, zoneinfo, i18n and terminfo directories, as well as man and info pages. If you have lots of space on your flash card, you can comment out this step from the script from the installrpms perl script.

If you want files like ssh host keys to be copied, put them in the files/etc/ssh directory. This directory is copied across verbatim.

If a file needs to be changed but not replaced, create a patch and put it in the patches directory.

If you want to be able to use the network straight after installation, you should add appropriate contents to the following files:

Run the script as root; the script will print the location of the generated filesystem. Copy that filesystem using 'cp -a' to /export/net4501.

If you only just created /export/net4501, run 'exportfs -r'.


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