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Collected date 13/09/14

Staveley sign

Heading out from Oxenholme, Staveley is the last station but one on the branch line to Windermere. It's a little single-platform halt, although there are traces of a second platform.

The entrance to the station is via steps from ground level up to the elevated platform:

Staveley entrance

The platform appears partly supported by these stone walls:

Staveley stone supports

On the platform, looking west:

Staveley platform looking west

The station has a shelter with a ticket machine in it:

Staveley shelter

At the far end of the platform looking west along the line:

Staveley looking west

Looking east along the platform:

Staveley platform looking east

Opposite the operational platform is the remnants of a second platform:

Staveley disused platform

The end of the disused platform, and a wooden walkway across the road:

Staveley disused platform end

Returning to street level and crossing under the line, a small gate can be found on the opposite side:

Staveley disused entrance

A ramp leads up from the gate to the wooden walkway crossing the road:

Staveley disused ramp


Looking east along the line from the end of platform 1:

Staveley looking east