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Collected date 13/09/14

Oxenholme sign

Oxenholme (or Oxenholme Lake District as it's known on some signs) is a station on the West Coast Main Line and one end of the branch line to Windermere.

The approach to the station from its eastern side:

Oxenholme approach

The front of the station buildings, with the modern station entrance on the right:

Oxenholme front

The entrance, with the station building beyond:

Oxenholme entrance

The entrance to the station building is in its side, but an alley runs along what would be its "front":

Oxenholme alley

The station building backs on to platform 1 for southbound trains:

Oxenholme rear

Platform 1 is connected to an island platform by a subway. Here's the exit from the subway to platforms 2 and 3:

Oxenholme platforms 2 and 3
subway exit

The subway emerges on the island platform between platform 2 for northbound mainline trains, and platform 3 for the Windermere branch. On platform 3, looking north:

Oxenholme platform 3 looking north

Platforms 2 and 3 are partially covered by a wooden roof. Looking south along platform 3:

Oxenholme platform 3 looking south

Looking north on platform 3 under the canopy with the subway ramp on the right:

Oxenholme platform 3 under

At the northern end of platform 2 looking south at the small cafe building and the roofed parts of the platforms:

Oxenholme platforms 2 and 3 looking

At the other end of the platform looking north at the roof on platforms 2 and 3:

Oxenholme platforms 2 and 3 looking

The subway under the tracks continues under platform 3 to emerge at an exit on the western side of the line:

Oxenholme western side