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Collected date 13/09/14

Windermere sign

Windermere is the end of a branch line, and the station is always busy with tourists, even if it has been cut down significantly from its original size. Indeed, the old station building has only been retained as far as its frontage, with the rest of the building containing a supermarket. Here's the old station front:

Windermere old front

A plaque marks the building's construction and conversion to its current use:

Windermere plaque

The side of the building:

Windermere old building side

The new building is largely made of wood. Looking along its front towards the old building:

Windermere front

The entrance to Windermere's modern station building:

Windermere entrance

The rear of the ticket office faces on to the platform:

Windermere rear

On the platform looking east:

Windermere platform looking east

The buffers at the western end of the line:

Windermere buffers

A glazed shelter is also available:

Windermere shelter

On the platform looking west:

Windermere platform looking west

Looking east along the line from the end of the platform:

Windermere looking east

Opposite the platform a car park wall is decorated:

Windermere wall

On the platform, looking at some of the art that decorates its fence:

Windermere art