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Collected date 13/09/16

Stalybridge sign

After Stockport, we found ourselves at Stalybridge. Not actually on the direct line via Denton and Reddish South because that only runs one day a week (clue: not this one), but we'd made the journey as best we could.

The line is on an embankment at the station, so the main entrance is level with what becomes the subway under the line:

Stalybridge front

Looking up the sloped road that climbs to track level, we see the first door on the left that leads to the ticket office:

Stalybridge ticket office

Stalybridge station is famous for its buffet bar, and a sign encourages you onwards in case you didn't already know where you were going:

Stalybridge buffet bar sign

Looking back along this side of the station from its western end, we can see the buffet bar on the right:

Stalybridge from west

In good weather one can sit outside in this small beer "garden" while waiting for one's train:

Stalybridge beer garden

A small entrance gate leads into the station proper, on to platform 4:

Stalybridge platform 4 entrance

On platform 4, looking east at the end of the canopy:

Stalybridge platform 4 canopy end

Plaques under the platform 4 canopy, marking Railway Heritage Awards for the station buffet bar, noting that the "Victorian Buffet Bar is unique and is authentic in detail since being rebuilt in 1885", and noting that the current clock is a 1997 replica of the original now in the NRM:

Stalybridge plaques

More plaques give opening times for the bar, its Cask Marque award, and mark the reopening of the back room and platform canopy in 2012:

Stalybridge buffet bar plaques

Under the canopy on platform 4:

Stalybridge platform 4 under canopy

Detail of one of the spandrels:

Stalybridge spandrel

Another plaque, for truly this is a station which likes its plaques. This one honours Fred Wood who averted a rail disaster in 1907:

Stalybridge Fred Wood plaque

A view of the eastern end of platform 4 from platform 3 opposite:

Stalybridge eastern ends

On the wall on the uncanopied part of platform 4 is this disused bracket which presumably once helped support some more canopy:

Stalybridge disused bracket

Looking back along platform 4 from its eastern end:

Stalybridge platform 4 from east

A long view of platform 4 from platform 3:

Stalybridge platform 4 seen from platform 3

Looking east along platform 4, with platform 3 on the right:

Stalybridge platform 4 looking east

Looking west along platform 4 we can see the buffers of a bay platform on the right, platform 5:

Stalybridge platform 4 looking west

The buffers of platform 5:

Stalybridge platform 5 buffers

The island platforms 1-3 are reached via the subway under the line. This subway is reachable from the ticket hall at ground level but also via a ramp from platform 4:

Stalybridge platform 4 subway entrance

In the subway at the platform 3 end looking back towards the station front; the ramp up to platform 4 is to the left of the end of the subway:

Stalybridge subway

Looking up the ramp from the end of the subway to platform 3:

Stalybridge platform 3 subway exit

The subway emerges on platform 3 under a glass shelter:

Stalybridge platform 3

A view of the subway emerging on platform 3 seen from platform 4 opposite:

Stalybridge platform 3 seen from platform 4

This view of the rear of the subway exit shelter shows how it's sort of been constructed over the top of the subway exit:

Stalybridge subway rear

Further along platform 3, looking west:

Stalybridge platform 3 looking west

At the western end of platform 3 in the middle of the island platform is another bay, providing platform 2:

Stalybridge platform 2 buffers

At the western end of the island platform looking east, with platform 3 on the left and 2 on the right:

Stalybridge platforms 2 and 3 seen from west

Looking west along the line:

Stalybridge looking west

Finally, platform 1, on the southern side of the station:

Stalybridge platform 1

And at the other end of the station looking east as the line crosses the road beneath:

Stalybridge looking east