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Reddish South

Collected date 16/09/16

Reddish South sign

In a week of planning there was one fixed point, one train we had to be there for. That was the Friday train from Reddish South to Denton, and we couldn't miss it because that's the only train on this line all week. We gave ourselves and our bikes plenty of time to get there and arrived on a slightly unpromising looking road overbridge:

Reddish South entrance

The station does at least have noticeboards which advertise the single service:

Reddish South train times

From the road bridge looking east at the station:

Reddish South looking east from bridge

Looking down the steps towards the platform:

Reddish South steps

Down on the platform looking west along the single track line:

Reddish South looking west

On the other side of the remaining platform is another platform edge, showing that it was once a double-sided island:

Reddish South disused platform edge

Further along the disused island edge looking west we can see how the trackbed has been filled in and turned into a small garden:

Reddish South garden looking west

A mural at the rear of the garden, featuring inspirational slogans possibly for the Friends of Reddish South who curate the station:

Reddish South mural

Art on the fence shows they've got the local community on board:

Reddish South art

This is all the work of the Friends of Reddish South, a dedicated local friends group some of whose members were there on the platform for the weekly train. They placed this totem:

Reddish South totem

Looking east along the disused island platform edge:

Reddish South disused island platform edge looking east

Although the platform is quite long most of it is not needed so a fence barriers off much of its eastern end:

Reddish South platform end

Looking east at the expanse of unused platform:

Reddish South platform looking east

Looking west along the platform:

Reddish South platform looking west

Opposite the operational platform edge is a crumbling former platform:

Reddish South disused platform

A short way east of the station another road bridge crosses the line, giving this view of the station:

Reddish South looking west from eastern bridge

Looking east along the line from the eastern bridge:

Reddish South looking east from eastern bridge