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Collected date 16/09/16

Denton sign

Denton! Arriving on the week's only train we nevertheless got off as other passengers got on and saw the Denton flyer off on its way to Stalybridge. Then it was just us on the platform, although as with Reddish South Denton is better looked after than many stations with a much better service!

As you can see from this photo Denton has a bench and planters:

Denton bench

One of the planters on the station platform:

Denton planter

Another planter sits across the end of the usable platform area:

Denton platform end

An overgrown area of platform continues beyond the end:

Denton disused platform end

Looking south along platform 2:

Denton platform looking south

Over the tracks from platform 1 on the other side of the island platform is a disused platform edge from when the station was rather larger:

Denton disused platform

At the northern end of the station a road bridge crosses the line, and this disused exit from the station can be seen:

Denton disused exit

Looking north at the platform:

Denton platform looking north

Looking north along platform 2:

Denton platform edge

Looking south along the line under the road bridge:

Denton looking south

Steps lead from the platform up to the road bridge:

Denton from road bridge

Looking down the steps to the platform:

Denton steps

The entrance to the station from the road:

Denton entrance

A community notice board makes much of the station's poor service:

Denton Community Notice Board