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Collected date 11/09/04

Sleaford sign

Sleaford was another stop on my way back to Grantham from Skegness. It was getting dark enough for my camera to flash, which makes the BR logo and barriers really glow.

Two contrasting styles of architecture at Sleaford:

Sleaford front Sleaford front 2

From the platform side:

Sleaford rear Sleaford building

Looking east along platform 1 towards the bridge and level crossing:

Sleaford platform 1

A detail of the spandrels on platform 1:

Sleaford spandrels

On the island, looking east at platforms 1 and 2:

Sleaford platforms 1 and 2

Looking east at platform 3:

Sleaford platform 3

Looking west at the footbridge:

Sleaford footbridge

Looking east at the signalbox and level crossing:

Sleaford signalbox and level