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Collected date 11/09/04

Skegness sign

Unlike Blackpool, which retains a certain faded grandeur, Skegness is mostly just faded. Still, it was bustling with people on the day I visited, a bright but slightly chilly Saturday in mid-September.

The station still has six platforms, and thus a lengthy concourse with a glass roof:

Skegness concourse

Much of the building was hidden behind hoardings and scaffolding when I visited, although as you can see here the windows of the station building are boarded up anyway and it looks like a few roof tiles are missing. Under the awning, you can see one of the the characteristic long queues which seem to form for the trains.

Skegness canopy

This jolly holidaymaker stands in the centre of the concourse:

Skegness holidaymaker statue

Although it's no longer used, it's nice to see the old departures board still in place:

Skegness departures board

I asked nicely, and the Central Trains man in charge of the station let me onto the platforms to take some pictures. Here are platforms 3 and 4, looking towards the station building, then under the canopy, and finally looking out towards the ends of the platforms and the semaphore signals there:

Skegness platforms 3 and 4 Skegness platforms 3 and 4 canopy Skegness platforms 3 and 4,

A view of the station ends of platforms 4, 5, and 6:

Skegness platforms 4, 5, and 6

Finally, while in Skegness, I visited the model village of Ronans Magna, and collected its tiny station:

Ronans Magna station!