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Collected date 11/09/04

Grantham, on the East Coast Main Line, is a jumping-off point for journeys East into Lincolnshire and West into the Midlands.

The station sign and entrance:

Grantham Station Sign Grantham canopy

Looking North along platform 1:

Grantham Platform 1

The platform 1 canopy. Although much changed when the station was remodelled, the old spandrels have been retained:

Grantham Platform 1 canopy

A longer view of platform 1 from platform 2, showing the footbridge:

Grantham Platforms 1 and 2

The waiting rooms on platform 2:

Grantham platform 2

Looking North along platforms 2 and 4:

Grantham platforms 2 and 4

Looking South, showing the bay platform 3:

Grantham platforms 3 and 4