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Collected date 01/07/13

Sandhills sign

Sandhills station is in Kirkdale in Liverpool and is the first station on Merseyrail's Northern Line before it branches towards Southport, Ormskirk, and Kirkby.

The front of the station complex, showing the zigzag ramp leading up the hill to the station entrance:

Sandhills front

To the west of the zigzag ramp is a wider paved approach to the station:

Sandhills approach

From ground level a tunnel leads under the tracks to the island platform:

Sandhills tunnel

The roof of the station building forms an extravagant ski-slope:

Sandhills roof

Rear of Sandhills front building:

Sandhills rear

The central platform-levle building seen from street level:

Sandhills building

On platform 1, looking north along the platform:

Sandhills platform 1 looking north

The platforms looking north:

Sandhills platforms looking north

On platform 1, looking north at the glazed waiting rooms:

Sandhills waiting rooms

On the other side for platform 2, looking south:

Sandhills platform 2

Like many stations in the area, Sandhills has a sign telling us what it is for:

Sandhills for SOCCERBUS to Anfield
and Goodison Park

Looking north at the end of platform 2:

Sandhills looking north

From the other end of the station, looking south along the line:

Sandhills looking south

When the station was rebuilt in the 21st Century two viaducts were laid across the road to the north:

Sandhills bridge

Bricked up doorways are perhaps what was once an entrance to the station?

Sandhills old door