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Collected date 01/07/13

Ormskirk sign

Ormskirk is the end of one of the branches of Merseyrail's Northern Line, and also the terminus of the route to Preston.

The front of the station building:

Ormskirk frontage

The entrance to the station building:

Ormskirk entrance

Under the canopy on the station's one platform:

Ormskirk under canopy

On the platform looking north at the canopy:

Ormskirk canopy

Rather than have two separate platforms, the electrified Merseyrail line and the line to Preston are separated by buffers, so a change involves walking up the platform:

Ormskirk buffers

Looking north along the line from the end of the platform:

Ormskirk looking north

Looking south along the platform from the same point:

Ormskirk platforms looking south

Looking south from near the other end of the platform:

Ormskirk looking south

The obligatory sign tells us what Ormskirk is for:

Ormskirk for Town Centre, Market and
Edge Hill University

The road bridge which crosses the line gives a good view northwards:

Ormskirk from bridge looking

Looking south from the road bridge:

Ormskirk from bridge looking

Opposite the working platform is a disused platform from days when there were through services between Liverpool and Preston:

Ormskirk disused platform

A disused station building faces onto the disused platform:

Ormskirk disused building

A little bit of disused platform or something similar under the road bridge:

Ormskirk disused
platform under bridge