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Collected date 30/06/13

Southport sign

Southport is Merseyrail's most northerly terminus, and as well as Northern Line services to Hunts Cross it has Northern Rail diesel services out towards Manchester. But, as a busy seaside town, it's much more a place you come to than a place you leave.

The sign above is next to a side entrance which leads to the concourse behind the front of the station. The front of the station itself is built into a shopping centre:

Southport front

The entrance to the shopping arcade underneath the station frontage:

Southport shopping centre

Inside the shopping centre is the entrance to the station concourse, with an MtoGo shop-cum-ticket-office:

Southport entrance

To the right of the previous photo is the entrance to the platforms:

Southport concourse

On the far right of the station, as we look along the tracks, is an unnumbered track and platform 1:

Southport platforms 1 and 2

The retaining wall:

Southport wall

Looking along platform 1:

Southport platform 1 looking south

Along platform 2:

Southport platform 2 looking south

Looking along platform 2 back towards the concourse:

Southport platform 2 looking north

Southport station has lots of flowers and planters, with these outside the concourse:

Southport planters

The end of platforms 2 and 3:

Southport platforms 2 and 3 end

Looking along platform 3:

Southport platform 3 looking south

The buffer at the ends of platforms 3 and 4:

Southport platforms 3 and 4

Although the roof is modern, the pillars are older:

Southport pillar Southport pillar manufacturer

From the buffers at the end of platforms 4 and 5, looking back along the line:

Southport platforms 4 and 5 looking

Walking to the end of the trainshed we can look over at platforms 4, 5, and 6:

Southport platforms 4, 5, and 6

The roof:

Southport roof

More roof, and the retaining wall:

Southport roof side

Roses embellish the ironwork in the roof:

Southport rose

Looking south along the lines at Southport. Merseyrail's services go off to the right, Northern's to the left:

Southport looking south