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Rice Lane

Collected date 01/07/13

Rice Lane sign

Rice Lane station is just north of the point where the Kirkby and Ormskirk branches diverge, and is a short walk from nearby Walton on the other branch. The entrance to the station from Rice Lane itself:

Rice Lane entrance

The steps up from platform 1 to street level:

Rice Lane exit

Platform 1:

Rice Lane platform 1

The two sides of the station are connected by this footbridge:

Rice Lane footbridge

The end of the footbridge on platform 2. A new patch of brickwork shows where once an old exit to the station began:

Rice Lane platform 2 footbridge

The bricks rise on platform 2 in what was probably the side of an old ramp:

Rice Lane platform 2 disused

At street level a bricked-up entrance suggests where the station might once have had another entrance and exit onto Hornby Road:

Rice Lane disused exit

From the far end of platform 1, looking east along the platforms:

Rice Lane platforms looking east

Looking west along the line:

Rice Lane looking west