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Collected date 01/07/13

Walton sign

Walton railway station serves the Walton area of Liverpool and is the first station north of where the line branches to Kirkby. From the road bridge to the north of the station looking south:

Walton from bridge looking

The front of the station building:

Walton station building front

As well as the footbridge exiting the right of the station building crossing the Ormskirk branch another bridge crosses the Kirkby branch. From this bridge, looking south towards the junction:

Walton junction

The rear of the station building from the footbridge. On the right in the background is the footbridge crossing the Kirkby branch:

Walton bulding rear

Platform 1 seen from platform 2 opposite:

Walton platform 1

The footbridge, showing the steps down from the station building to platform 1:

Walton footbridge

The sign on the footbridge:

Walton footbridge sign

The side of the bridge parapet has a bricked up doorway:

Walton old doorway

From the footbridge looking north:

Walton from footbridge looking

The end of the footbridge on platform 2:

Walton platform 2 footbridge end

Looking south along the line from Walton:

Walton looking south