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Collected date 16/04/05

Loughborough is on the Midland Main Line between Leicester and Nottingham, and is the nearest station to the East Midlands Airport. I stopped there towards the end of an April afternoon.

The station buildings. Peeking over the left-hand side of the building is the Brush engineering works, responsible for building many of Britain's trains:

Loughborough front

The entrance to the station building:

Loughborough entrance

The rear of the station building, showing the ironwork under the glass canopy:

Loughborough building rear

From the footbridge which joins platform 1 to the island platform, the rear of the station building and the glass canopy:

Loughborough platform 1

Under the canopy on platform 2:

Loughborough platform 2

Looking southeast from the footbridge:

Loughborough looking southeast

Looking northwest towards the footbridge:

Loughborough looking northwest