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Collected date 20/11/04

In common with Leicester, Nottingham's station concourse is on a bridge above the through lines, in characteristic Midland red brick:

Nottingham station front

Again in common with Leicester, behind the facade is a parking area for taxis:

Nottingham taxi area

Inside, the ticket hall with a travel centre, a coffee stand, and a branch of Smith's (behind the photographer):

Nottingham ticket hall

The rear of the station building seen from the platforms:

Nottingham building rear

As well as the main station building, a bridge crosses the tracks, as can be seen in these pictures of platforms 3a and 4:

Nottingham platform 3a Nottingham platform 4

A long view of the station from the space between the bay platform 2 (to the right) and platform 3 to the left:

Nottingham platforms 2,3,4